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    Target ,Practical shotgun, collecting older guns,pest control and rx8's.cz 527.223,cz452.17 hmr,cz452.22 ,cz527.223,Mossberg500 fac, hatsan extrememax 12g semi hatsan 12g escort magnum semi + BSA "D"type .22 air rifle Benjamin Franklin 342, Sharp Innova .22, Sumatra 500.22 fac.

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  1. kamyonsofor

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I have Cz452 17hmr +452 .22 both fitted with mods and prefer the 17hmr check out the performance on a comparison ballistics chart with the weight and distance and see the 17hmr performance now just got a 22wmr which on some distances a tad in front of the smaller 17. just Luvv 'em.
  2. Steady Dellboy I'd be first in the Q she's about my age and still hot to trot.
  3. kamyonsofor


    Looking for a .223 rem, with mod, or complete package, 1in9 to 1in12 twist ,22" barrel max,Howa Cz Tikka ,etc price up to £500 will do f2f if distance within reason ,if rfd you pay your end, ,appreciate any offers thanks.
  4. kamyonsofor

    Dating a Remington

    Hi just bought a Remington 597 .22 wmr anyone got one /use one , know how to date it,on left side of the barrel is 20 XTI , also where are you buying your ammo I am in Bedfordshire and it is like rocking horse doo do around here, thanks.
  5. kamyonsofor

    steyr pro hunter .223

    Hi Banus02, thanks for the info ,just hope the pro hunter is still available to have a better look ,Seasons greeting to you and all the others on the Forum ,Mel
  6. Hi anyone using a .223 pro hunter and the pros and cons also been offered a Mossberg mvp .223 being used the prices are similar thanks .
  7. kamyonsofor

    Custom 223

    other pics pls of both , snafu1900@yahoo.com thanks
  8. Hi thanks for the reply , the problem with the newer models are the knibs on the edge of the mag they stop the mag engaging they appear to be a different height ,I had a dealer get one from Edgars  and they suggested dropping the trigger guard and shimming  , they adjusted the trigger guard but it thru the mag out of sync and still would not engage ,all they kept saying it's a old gun? Dom @ riflemags said put the mag in a vice and squeeze to compress the knibs .On the later mags they are stamped .223 Rem with mine no markings but they look similar until trying them, I will try and measure , thanks Mel.

  9. Hi Lapua thanks for the response , it is a bit more than I have for the .223  and I am waiting for my variation to come back , with our lot could be 2-3weeks  thanks again Mel.

  10. kamyonsofor


    I have a Cz 527 .223 and looking for a 3 or 5 round mag , the problem is it is a 1990 model and the late mags do not fit so anyone got a spare or one they'd sell thanks.I have tried Edgar's waste of time they do not respond.
  11. kamyonsofor


    Hi I am in the market for .223 with mod ,2 mags ,w.h.y. with round count and your price will travel up to 100 miles f2f. pm here or email snafu1900@yahoo.com thanks
  12. kamyonsofor

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I posed this question else where some months ago, where/ what do you do with Reynard , some said bury them or place them on top of the hedgerow for the Buzzards and Kites etc.another reply was he took them home in a binliner and blackbinned them ,here blackbins are once a fortnight so a bit ripe by then.
  13. kamyonsofor

    stuff from US of A

    Thanks Scotch_egg appreciate it .Have to spend some of the kids inheritance and another .223 then.
  14. kamyonsofor

    stuff from US of A

    Hi every one is it legal to get posted from the States a 5 or 10 round mag , one I am after is for my Cz 527 .223, the advantage is it does breakdown into pieces ie. outer case , bottom plate and z spring , it would look like a big Zippo lighter in bits. Thanks Mel "infrequent poster" due to health issues.
  15. kamyonsofor


    Hi looking a 3 or 5 round mag for my CZ 527 .223 and the year is 1990 , had a new one delivered said to be a 527 but the nibs /locaters on the sides are in different position hence it does not engage correctly,it was suggested I drop the trigger guard and put a shim in ,so I would be back to square one with one mag.also it was suggested by a gunshop I hammer the nibs flat??????then how will it locate eh???I have tried rifle mags ,none.

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