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    Target ,Practical shotgun, collecting older guns,pest control and rx8's.cz452.17 hmr,cz452.22 ,cz527.223,Mossberg500 fac, hatsan extrememax 12g semi hatsan 12g escort magnum semi + BSA "D"type .22 air rifle Benjamin Franklin 342, Sharp Innova .22, Sumatra 500.22 fac.

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  1. kamyonsofor

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I posed this question else where some months ago, where/ what do you do with Reynard , some said bury them or place them on top of the hedgerow for the Buzzards and Kites etc.another reply was he took them home in a binliner and blackbinned them ,here blackbins are once a fortnight so a bit ripe by then.
  2. kamyonsofor

    stuff from US of A

    Thanks Scotch_egg appreciate it .Have to spend some of the kids inheritance and another .223 then.
  3. kamyonsofor

    stuff from US of A

    Hi every one is it legal to get posted from the States a 5 or 10 round mag , one I am after is for my Cz 527 .223, the advantage is it does breakdown into pieces ie. outer case , bottom plate and z spring , it would look like a big Zippo lighter in bits. Thanks Mel "infrequent poster" due to health issues.
  4. kamyonsofor


    Hi looking a 3 or 5 round mag for my CZ 527 .223 and the year is 1990 , had a new one delivered said to be a 527 but the nibs /locaters on the sides are in different position hence it does not engage correctly,it was suggested I drop the trigger guard and put a shim in ,so I would be back to square one with one mag.also it was suggested by a gunshop I hammer the nibs flat??????then how will it locate eh???I have tried rifle mags ,none.
  5. kamyonsofor


    Thanks Nick for the offer but the 56 objective to large looking for 40 or 50 max.
  6. kamyonsofor


    Still seeking inexpensive (price) scope for my .17hmr/.223 6.16x50 6.18x44 or 6.24x50 on a budget,now got this machine back so will answer any replies thanks Mel.
  7. kamyonsofor


    Big ask looking for 4.16x50 or 6.20x50 or 40's for my.17hmr as 3.9x40 no good for me on 100yds , on a budget so the big ask around £100 thanks .
  8. kamyonsofor

    CZ 527.223 bolt.

    Thanks duey now sorted Mel.
  9. kamyonsofor

    CZ 527.223 bolt.

    Thanks, looking Cz site the Americans seem to have the same issue and it takes some time to address but when they've cracked it's easy?and they can ring Cz over there for info and help , so I'll persevere.The web does not go into much detail cheers.
  10. kamyonsofor

    CZ 527.223 bolt.

    I have recentley aquired a Cz 527 .223, but never used or shot it ,so today decided get used to the double trigger , but the bolt would not align or enter fully so on removal the bolt handle fell out I have tried several attempts to no avail . Every thing lines up but the bolt will not enter all the way and very difficult to retrieve. Any info much appreciated, thanks.
  11. kamyonsofor


    thanks I will
  12. kamyonsofor


    Looking for a .223 , Remington 700, Browning A-Bolt ,Tikka etc twist rate 1-9 ,scope and mod on a budget wishfull thinking up to £550 could be a bit more if I get into her purse,f2f upto 150miles Bedfordshire message or email snafu1900@yahoo.com if allowed thanks .
  13. Hi new on here , what scope do you use ,I know it is not included thanks mel

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