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  1. Ammunition

    260 ammo is available but at horrendous prices plus a long drive. Load your own, it's the only way.
  2. Reloading Press

    Point made. Once you you buy one it becomes your forever press. I guess that's why they're rarely seen for sale second hand.
  3. Reloading Press

    I would always recommend the Forster Coax press. It is simply the best. They don't come up for sale very often though.
  4. Your velocities seem a tad low to me. I achieve just a little below QL predictions with RS62 in my 260. Of course if you really want speed, RS60 is the way to go. Burns hot though.
  5. A bump for a fine scope. It never ceases to amaze me that so little interest is shown on here on the odd occasion one of these fine scopes appear for sale.
  6. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    I've been using the Lyman Gen 6 for over a year now. As long as it's on a stable surface and been given a good while to warm up it's faultless. I even have a spare one kicking around that's never been used. I may put it up for sale now it's been brought to my notice.
  7. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    I'm surprised they're not at the shooting show. They do have somewhat of a captive market so probably consider they don't need to be there. Sporting Services aren't that far from Gatwick. they don't publish they're actual address so if you're visiting, call first. It is not that easy to find.
  8. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    It is a supremely accurate rifle and shoots well with most loads. I reload only in this calibre as the cost of factory 260 ammo in the UK is prohibitive for me. Truth be told i enjoy reloading almost as much as shooting. It is quite tricky finding "the node" for my home loads as there's not a huge difference between them. I have eventually found it however. It is a heavy rifle, at least mine is with bipod and scope. It is an excellent long range foxing rifle but you wouldn't want to be walking around with it all day. I have had mine over a year now and every time i use it i smile, it being so pleasurable to use. I haven't had the feeding issues which others have had, maybe it's because i spent a lots of time polishing the feed lips on the AI mag which were a bit rough when new. The only criticism i have is the Shilen trigger which though extremely crisp and precise, has sharp edges on the blade which can make my finger a little sore during long sessions. It is a fine rifle and coupled with good optics an excellent one.
  9. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    I have a Nimrod in 260, or do you mean the Creedmoor?
  10. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    With the NRA Shooting Club?
  11. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I always used RS60 with 120gr Amax and Vmax. I now mostly shoot 139gr Scenar with RS62, just to keep the heat down.
  12. ear defenders

    A ball point pen does the trick. It takes 2 seconds.
  13. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I have just used my stock of 120gr Amax. They were my favoured and affordable mid weight bullet in my 260. Shame they no longer make them.
  14. reload costs

    Being the correct way to go about it.

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