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  1. sean223

    284 win

    I had my 284 built to shoot the 180gr ELDMs, 28” heavy profile with 1:7.5 twist but could not get them to shoot at all. I was using N165 and couldn’t get them above 2700 fps, after about 250 I gave up. I think I couldn’t get them going fast enough with N165, a double based powder would of got me 2800 fps and I think they might of proformed better at that speed. Am now shooting the 162gr ELDMs with 55.3gn N160, cci br2 primers and getting 2900 fps with exceptional accuracy. Am using neck turned Norma brass. As always work up to that load. Good luck.
  2. 180gr Bergers now £57 box delivered.
  3. ELDMs sold. Would swap the bergers for 162gr ELDMs.
  4. sean223

    Sierra 77gr TMK .224

    Sorted now thanks.
  5. sean223

    Sierra 77gr TMK .224

    Has anybody got any of the above please in 100 or 500 boxes?? Cheers.
  6. As above 321 once fired 161 deprimed and stainless tumbled and 160 not touched £50 posted.
  7. 2 sealed boxes of Berger 180gr VLD Hunting £60 box Posted. 1 opened (82 count) box of Hornady 180gr ELDM £30 posted. Cheers Sean.
  8. How does the 12-50 PM2 compare to the Razor??
  9. The turrets are the best ive used and the way it zeros is smart as you can get zeroed exactly in the middle. I think the glass is much the same no better no worse to my eyes anyway. If your scope had the EBR1 reticle “the same as mine” I would swap my 5-25 PM2 for it no problem.
  10. Can I ask why you want to swap for one of the others??? Asking as I’ve got a Razor and a S&B and would take the Razor every time. Just curious to know.
  11. sean223

    Load development

    Am shooting a .284 28” heavy barrel and using 56.2gr N165 with 180gr VLD Hunting at 2700. This load shoots well to 1000 yards. Going by everybody else’s speeds my load is pretty slow! I always here 2800 or faster with N165 and 180gr bullets, my case is full at 56.6 with that bullet and not even close to 2800, tho I am using Norma brass so that could be the problem. Unless your OAL is very short id thought that 53gr was a very modest load. Making small adjustments and testing at distance will always show if your heading in the right or wrong direction.

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