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  1. sean223

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    I have a few boxes of Berger 73gr and a few others. I’ll send you a pm later.
  2. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    All sorted thanks.
  3. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    PM sent.
  4. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    Looking for the above if anybody is selling one that is in good condition. Cheers.
  5. Price reduction £140 posted. Also have 2 nitride bushings 293/294 that can be added with the dies £180 posted.
  6. sean223

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    What powder and speeds you getting using the 180’s??
  7. As above in used but excellent condition. £160 posted to any uk mainland address.
  8. sean223

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    It’s going to be used as a long-range varminting gun, that’s why am going with the 180gr ELD Ms. What powder, speeds, barrel length is people using with the heavier 7mm bullets? Cheers.
  9. sean223

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    Hi all. Would like to hear from people that’s using the Hornady 180gr ELD M in there .284! What powder, speeds, barrel length yous all using?? Having a new 28” .284 barrel with a 1:7.5 twist fitted and throated for the 180s. Was looking to use one of the cooler burning powders RS62 or N165 if its possible to get around the 2800 fps mark without using some of the hotter double based powder. Cheers.
  10. sean223

    Kestrel 5700

    I’ve bought a couple of these guys with great service https://www.r-p-r.co.uk/kestrel/5000-elite-weather-meter-applied-ballistics.php
  11. Dies arrived Chris as described. Pleasure to do business with.

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