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  1. Kestrel 5700

    I’ve bought a couple of these guys with great service https://www.r-p-r.co.uk/kestrel/5000-elite-weather-meter-applied-ballistics.php
  2. Dies arrived Chris as described. Pleasure to do business with.
  3. shehane or 284W

    Hi guys. Using N165 with 162gr eld x and 175gr eld x in a 1:8 twist 26" barrel with bullets seated to a long OAL, what sort speeds is achievable?? It's a single shot action so OAL isn't an issue. Thanks.
  4. shehane or 284W

    Hi guys, what twist barrels yous using for the 284w?
  5. shehane or 284W

    Hi guys. Looking at building a 284w on a nesika k action. What OAL you guys using with them loads and speeds? Am looking at shooting 162gr or 175gr eld x. Is N160 or N165 best for these weights? Cheers.
  6. 77Grain Sierra Tipped Match Kings.

    I have few hundred here. Drop me a pm if interested. ATB Sean.
  7. Bushing

    Hi. Looking a redding 294 titanium bushing. Or swap a titanium 292 or 293 for a 294. Cheers.
  8. Berger heads

    What caliber??
  9. 6.5x284 cases hard to chamber

    We'll I cut the resized "bumped back 2tho" case as you suggested, it still feels tight to chamber.When you close the bolt it feels tighter and if you open and close the bolt a few times it puts small scuff marks on the brass at the base of the case. The brass has been annealed after the second firing. It's a nesika k (short) single shot action. I've took a few pictures, if I can upload them.
  10. 6.5x284 cases hard to chamber

    Good idea. I'll give that a go tonight and see. Cheers.
  11. 6.5x284 cases hard to chamber

    I haven't got the different size shell holders. Am using the reading small base body die. It seems like the case has bulged out just after the head which is leaving it hard to chamber. Am already bumping the shoulder back 2 tho, I've tried bumping them 5 tho but no difference when chambered. Looks like the die is not long anof to size the case where the problem is, right at the head.
  12. 6.5x284 cases hard to chamber

    Hi Mike. I've been fl resizing every time with redding com dies and pushing the shoulder back about 2 tho. First 2 firings were fine but on the 3rd I could feel them tight to chamber, some are really tight. The problem seems to be just after the head of the case the rest of the case seems fine.
  13. 6.5x284 cases hard to chamber

    Hi. My lapua cases are hard to chamber after 3rd firing. Reading on line there seems to be a special die you can buy that sizes the case right to the head where the problem seems to be. Has anybody used one or any thoughts on them? Also does this happen alot with 6.5x284 brass or is it a sign of pressure? Thanks.
  14. 6.5x284 load data needed

    Hi mark. Am using 53.7gn hodgdon H4831sc with 140gr Berger VLD hunting with a BR 2 primer and it's shooting really well. Make sure and work up to it tho. ATB Sean.

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