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  1. sean223

    Load development

    Am shooting a .284 28” heavy barrel and using 56.2gr N165 with 180gr VLD Hunting at 2700. This load shoots well to 1000 yards. Going by everybody else’s speeds my load is pretty slow! I always here 2800 or faster with N165 and 180gr bullets, my case is full at 56.6 with that bullet and not even close to 2800, tho I am using Norma brass so that could be the problem. Unless your OAL is very short id thought that 53gr was a very modest load. Making small adjustments and testing at distance will always show if your heading in the right or wrong direction.
  2. sean223

    Load development

    Hi Nick are you shooting a .284?
  3. Hi all. Is there a small picatinny rail that fits directly to the 6” long steel sliding rail that is fitted to the underneath of my ftr stock or do you take that bit out to fit a rail. Cheers.
  4. sean223

    .284 Win brass availability.

    If you are seating to below the shoulder junction area you may still get donuts even with Norma brass. As far as I can make out the .284 case is renowned for donuts. I turned my Norma brass so time will tell. After 3 firings none so far. My Berger 180gr VLD hunting bullets bearing surface is just at the neck/shoulder junction so I would feel it when seating a bullet. I know I had them with my 6.5x284 but I wasn’t turning then.
  5. sean223

    Neck tension

    What’s your findings regards to speed with neck tension, less tension more speed or less speed??
  6. sean223

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    I have a few boxes of Berger 73gr and a few others. I’ll send you a pm later.
  7. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    All sorted thanks.
  8. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    PM sent.
  9. sean223

    ASE SL5 .30 MOD

    Looking for the above if anybody is selling one that is in good condition. Cheers.
  10. Price reduction £140 posted. Also have 2 nitride bushings 293/294 that can be added with the dies £180 posted.
  11. sean223

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    What powder and speeds you getting using the 180’s??

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