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  1. Trying to PM you 6.5 shooter re the 22.250 redding dies.
  2. sean223

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    What speed and barrel length? Cheers.
  3. sean223

    Wanted 22-250 FL Dies

    Trying to pm you 6.5 shooter. Interested in the 22-250 redding dies. Cheers Sean.
  4. sean223

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Anybody any loads,powder,bullet,barrel length,speeds etc. My thinking is 26” 1:8 twist 69gr TMKs N150!
  5. sean223

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Cheers guys. That’s that bit sorted 8 twist it is. Could yous give me some info on loads please, powder,speed,bullets,barrel length etc. As always will work my own load up safely. Cheers.
  6. Hi all. going to have a 22-250 varminting machine build on a Remington action with a 26” barrel, and have the 69gr TMK in mind for the job, the 53gr Vmax also is a possibility. Is a 1-10 twist ok for the job or is it marginal? Not wanting to shoot anything heavier as i have a .284 for longer range stuff. Cheers.
  7. sean223

    Water stains on brass?

    Try 1/4 tea spoon. I bet it disappears. Did for me.
  8. sean223

    Water stains on brass?

    To much rinse aid I think. I use 3 table spoons full of fairy liquid and 1/4 tea spoon of rinse aid.
  9. Can you send pictures please. seanmcgarry83@hotmail.com
  10. Reduced to sell £45 box posted.
  11. 200 180gr VLD Hunting £50 box posted.

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