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  1. visiter1

    My new 6mm br from JR firearms

    fantastic gun and round love it
  2. where did you get that low mount mate pl?
  3. visiter1

    .20 Practical

    20 practical is one id love to own
  4. how much for the wilson case trimmer
  5. visiter1

    Mod covers

    no prob mate, Its a great addition for this years hunting
  6. visiter1

    Mod covers

    just a quick note to say i got my one last monday and am blown away by the quility and the service i got il deff be getting more in future cheers
  7. visiter1


    if its factory ammo your shooting 223 40 g nostler is a great round , however it depends where you are and what 204 is avaible to you if you can reload it then great job 39 g blitz king and bobs yours athers brother , best of luck.
  8. visiter1

    Spud Reloading

    Have to agree hes a great lad very helpful
  9. visiter1

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    had a similer problem with a howa we thought it was the stock at first, we then changed the scope but the orignal scoped wprked perfect on another rifle and the scope we had put on the howa was doing the sames thing , we then chnged rail and mounts from warne to tier 1 problem solved.
  10. visiter1

    Mod covers

    yes as the rifle is black , thanks for your reply
  11. visiter1

    Mod covers

    are these only in tan or multicam is black an option ? ive seen these and they are a gerrt product
  12. visiter1

    6.5 x 55 Tikka T3 Stalker

    lovely bit of work this
  13. visiter1

    17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    18 inch on a hornet works really well , ive had no bother with my one

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