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  1. Nightforce unimount

    That's a nice looking set up.
  2. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    Hi Dave, According to QL you are looking in the region of 2,833 out of a 22" barrel using the same powder volume, but it might be an idea to work up to that volume, just to be on the safe side, as it is saying you could experience high pessures. That being said, I haven't found any such issues with mine.... Hope this might help. Cheers. Paul
  3. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    Hi there Scotch egg, It's a Berger 130gn VLD 31.5" Tru-Flite Target barrel 38.7 RL15 Avg Fps = 2,973 Hope that helps. Cheers. Paul
  4. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    I'm using 130gn Bergers and I use RL15 with very good results in my 6.5x47.
  5. Trigger Tech

    I have one fitted on my Remmy 700. It was done by Dave Wylde at Valkyrie Rifles and he has them in stock. You could PM him on here (Baldie) if you need info on price etc. Cheers. Paul
  6. Ok Vince. It’s not a problem. I just wondered if there was an alternative. But rules are rules, so onwards and upwards to the 1,000 yard season. We can come back next year and do the 600 all over again. 👍
  7. Hi Bruce, Just a thought...... If you’d normally discount 2 of the 6 rounds, wouldn’t it be easier to count the cancelled round as 1 of the 2; thereby you would count 4 of the first 5 rounds that have been shot??? This is only my opinion, but it seems under the rules you are looking to implement, you will be discounting 50% of the competition....!!!! No offence intended, but it was something I’d just thought of. Cheers. Paul
  8. Still hoping you can respond, please, Pip????
  9. Hi Pip, Can you let me know if if the Harris, is the model with notched legs and how much you want for it, posted? Cheers. Paul
  10. Hi Pip, Can you tell me how much you want for it, posted, please? Cheers. Paul
  11. Are we talking about the same thing here, Pip? I'm wanting 1 x Harris 6-9" BRM (notch legged) Bipod. I don't want it complete with a rifle and scope......!!!!! Cheers. Paul
  12. Are any of the bipods genuine Harris 6-9 with notched legs? If they are, how much posted, please? Cheers. Paul
  13. Diggle results

    I think you'll find they're just the results for the 5th Round. I'm looking for the League Table.
  14. Diggle results

    Hi Vince, Can you email me all the results as well, please? Thanks Paul
  15. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Nice shooting again, Darrel. And you should get another medal for winning and receiving the £10 note......

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