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  1. pengo

    wildcat evo bridge wanted: 18x1.

    Wildcat Evo bridge wanted: 18x1, if anyone has one in good condition please let me know. If there is also a bushing to go with it, all the better, Cheers. Paul
  2. Have got both and would definitely go for the Bergara, as it offers just that bit more in terms of quality. There's not a vast amount of difference, but Bergara is really what Remington wanted to be.....Also having had 2 Bergaras, I find they are a more accurate rifle, with better barrels, in my opinion. If you can get a try of either or preferably both, then you can make your own informed decision.
  3. pengo

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    You can't use it in the Factory Class though!!!!! 🤣
  4. pengo

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    As long as he doesn't bring it with him.....😂
  5. pengo

    308 Rifle Wanted

    You have a PM. Cheers. Paul
  6. Hi there, If you're thinking of splitting, I would be interested in your price on the 10/10 scales, please. Cheers Paul
  7. I'll take the Berger 6mm VLD 95gn Target if they're still available, please. Cheers. Paul
  8. Hi there, Any chance of a pic or two, please, as these are not on their website any more. Thanks Paul
  9. pengo

    UKBRA Round 4 - 7th and 8th July 2018

    Thanks Bruce, 😉
  10. All sorted now. Thanks. 👍
  11. As per title, I'm looking for a set of these to use for larger calibres, above .308 cases. If you can let me know if you have one you don't need, That'll be great Cheers Paul
  12. pengo

    .308 long range rifle

    Grifff, Whereabouts in the country are you??? I may be able to help you out. I have a Savage Model12 FTR, which I was looking to put up for sale, so if you want to pm me your details, I can get you some pics across. Cheers. Paul
  13. pengo

    Guns for sale

    What length have you shortened the Finnfire, to? How old is it? What condition is it in, please? Sorry for all the questions, but am interested. PM me for email if you want to send pictures. Cheers. Paul
  14. pengo

    IOR 6-24 x 50 scope wanted

    There's one in the for sale section.
  15. pengo

    Borden BRM - 6BRA

    Is this your lighter, wooden creation, Alan? And will we be seeing it soon? 🤓

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