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  1. pengo

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    Pm sent. 👍
  2. pengo

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    Hi there, can you check your inbox as I’m trying to send you a pm and it’s saying you can’t receive messages.... Cheers. Paul
  3. pengo

    Trent Firearms

    That's really sad news. I've had many good deals and conversations with him over the years. RIP Steve.
  4. pengo

    30/30 Winchester 165gn lead bullets

    Hi Neil, Thank you very much for your detailed information, it's much appreciated. I think I'll bear in mind what you have said and work uploads starting at 8.3 up to 10.1 in 0.3 increments and keep checking for pressure signs. I'm not sure how hard the bullet is, but it is RNFP, lubed and gas checked. I have bought these from the Shellhouse Bullet Company and not cast them myself. Hopefully things should be good. Many thanks Paul
  5. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for acquiring load data for a 165gn lead bullet in my Marlin 30/30 underlever, please? I have checked in the Lyman cast bullet handbook, but there is only data for 169gn & 170gn. I'll be using Alliant Unique powder and want to get things as good as I can before load development. Many thanks Paul
  6. pengo

    WANTED - Mcmillan stock for Tikka 595

    What barrel type does it need to fit?
  7. Just contact Dave Wylde - Valkyrie Rifles - 9-5 Monday to Friday - 07889 388378. https://www.valkyrierifles.net/index.html Also known as Baldie on this forum. He's the only officially approved service centre for Accuracy International and he can supply and fit any barrel you choose onto your AX AI rifle, which includes Sassen. He's a great bloke, who'll talk you through everything. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi there, JS. I’ve got a Sightron SIII 8-32x56 with LRMOA Reticle- non illuminated in very good condition for £700.00 posted, if that’s of any use. Cheers. Paul
  9. pengo

    Picattiny Rail for Marlin 336

    I'm looking for a picattiny rail to fit a Marlin 336. If anyone can help, I'll be grateful. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi there How much for the 30/30 and what will it come with? cheers paul
  11. Hi bow, You have a pm with payment details.
  12. pengo

    6br specific mags

    Any chance these would fit a Tikka 595 in 6BR?
  13. Hi there, Yes they are still available. But I won’t be able to post anything until after the Easter break. Cheers. Paul

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