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    24 Hour Emergency Backpack

    Here in the UK, we don't often suffer from severe weather, but sometimes all it takes is a few inches of snow, and the whole of our little Island can grind to a halt. Towards the end of February 2018, we found ourselves in the midst of 'The Beast From The East' which brought us some late snowfall and caught a lot of people off guard... I spent one night, from finishing work until the early hours of the next morning driving around in my 4x4 helping people who had got stuck on rural roads. (The kind of roads where not much traffic passes anyway) If I hadn't of drove there, there's a high chance that a lot of these people would have had to spend the night in their cars... Or maybe walked (a fair distance) for help or shelter. I would say that a good 90% of the folk I helped were not equipped for the bad weather and certainly not equipped for a night away from home. That inspired me to make this video.
  2. jay666d

    24 Hour Emergency Backpack

    Thanks mate! ? I was hoping to make a video simulating a situation using the bag and it's contents to get me home. (I've just been short on time at the minute!)
  3. It started life as a .223 Remington 700P. The rifle was sent to Valkyrie Rifles for Dave to work his magic on. I wanted to be able to hit gongs out to 1000 yards! The rifle was built during January 2015. The action was blue printed and a barley twist was added to the bolt along with a tactical bolt knob. It has a 28” Pacnor Super Match Barrel with a 1 in 7 twist. Chambered in .223 Wylde, an 11 degree target crown was added and it was then screw cut for a Jet-Z moderator and an invisible end cap! The action, the bolt, the barrel and the moderator were then all Ceracoated in graphite black H series! This superb barrelled action now sits in an MDT Tac 21 chassis system. This modular chassis system has a built in 20 MOA Picatinny rail that runs the length of the system. Because this chassis accepts AR parts, I opted for a Houge pistol grip and a Magpul PRS adjustable but stock. Because of the removable butt stock, this long rifle is easily carried in a hard case. The rifle has fired a total of 344 rounds including the 5 rounds Dave fired through it way back in 2015! Using the load I’ve developed this rifle shoots .3 MOA @ 100 yards and reliably reaches out to the required distance! (We’re not talking about a barn door size target either. I shoot a 20”x 20” steel gong… Thats 2 MOA!) I have spent quite some time collecting the tools and materials required to make this rifle preform how I wanted. When I found the bullets it liked, I bought them in BULK! I’d like to sell it all including the info on load data. The Sale consists of: Semi Custom Remington in an MDT chassis system 1x 10 Round metal Accurate Mag Jet-Z Moderator Black Rifle Picatinny Rail (Mounted to fore grip to mount Bipod) 14x Box Hornady 80gr A-Max (1400 bullets!) 11 boxes all from the same batch 2x Tubs of H4895 (Enough powder for 540+ rounds) 200x PPU Brass - New 200x PPU Brass - Once fired (Formed in this chamber) 132x PPU Brass - Twice fired (Formed in this chamber on 2nd shoot) 118x Magtech Brass - Twice fired (From a previous chamber) Redding Competition Bullet seater (Micrometer type) A-Max bullet seater Stem. (VLD Stem and original also included) Hornady Lock-N-Load .223 Bullet Comparator insert Brush & Jag attachment for barrel cleaning Hard Case with egg shell foam All the above has cost in excess of £4.5k and the rifle has seen hardly any use. (The A-Max bullets alone make £500 of that and obviously they’ve never been used!) I’m asking for £3,500 for the whole package. £2,000 for the rifle in the Chassis System, Prs Stock, Pistol Grip & Mod - Once the rifle has gone I will be willing to split the rest. With this rifle and it’s reloading accessories, you will be out hitting steel beyond 700 yards as quick as you can get a scope on it! If you would like to negotiate on price, feel free to make an offer but you must be able to collect the rifle or pay the RFD fees... If I get full asking price, I am prepared to cover the RFD fees. If you'd like to know any more info, just use the thread or send me a PM. All The Best. Jay
  4. I have let the selling of this rifle fall by the wayside... Time for a quick bump.
  5. Top bit of kit here mate! Great price too! I bought one of these last year and it is now part of my Shooting Equipment. I use it to fly down to the 1000 yard target for a look. Before that, it meant packing everything up, driving down the hill side into the valley for a look, then heading back to the firing point and setting up again. (Used to take nearly an hour out of the shooting day each time!) Good luck with the sale!
  6. jay666d

    Magpul prs stock

    Have a look at my for sale post: Someone has shown interest in buying just the barrelled action, so if that goes, then I will have a PRS for sale. Jay
  7. Jeff, I know that it is... I'll text him and get him to PM you.
  8. jay666d

    Building the 'Long Dog'

    I love this 'ground-up' build! Looking forward to seeing this take shape!
  9. jay666d

    My Christmas pressie !

    That is stunning Dave!
  10. Apologise for the late reply Gents. I'm not interested in splitting at this point in time... However, If I do, I will do it under a separate listing. (That should keep things as fair as possible.)
  11. As I'd like to keep the .223 slot on my ticket open, I would also consider a Part Ex for another .223 I'd entertain the idea of having an AR.
  12. jay666d

    My New EDC Wallet

    Morning guys. It's been a while since I last posted on here... Not done much shooting recently! But my renewal has been sent away and I'm determined to get back out there a bit more often. Anyway, the reason for this post is to show you my YouTube video of my new EDC wallet. It's the Dango T01 Tactical Wallet.... Nice it is too! I plan to do a few more videos based around my own EDC and Prep. (I also apologise in advance for the sound quality... The GoPro seems to create a lot of background noice which I've done my best to level out) Other videos on my channel will be Footage a shoot from my Drone, (When it returns as I crashed it and it's away being fixed) and I'm also keeping a Diary on a Robotic Lawnmower.... So If you have a big Garden or just hate cutting your grass, you might wanna keep an eye on that! Cheers guys! Jay
  13. Send me a Tikka and I'm you're man! :-D
  14. Ah, these take me back! I like it on the back of the main meal under the cooking instructions where it says 'lean against a rock or something' Just in case there's no rocks around! I've already blown my food shopping budget for December... Good luck with the sale!
  15. jay666d

    atn x sight 3-12 any word?

    Yes, I have this as an option I guess. It's not that I don't want to, but I can't afford to get a Drone Pro... I'm looking into setting up a dedicated night time shooter and I'm looking into optics. I should probably start a new thread.
  16. jay666d

    atn x sight 3-12 any word?

    I guess the same goes for the 5-18x?

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