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  1. Swarovski1

    Calibre Advice

    243 is as good as any others mentioned.loaded with a 55gr nos bal tip will do 4000 fps and shoot flat as a witches t i t and buck the wind ok out to 300yds
  2. Swarovski1

    Which .308 - please vote

    yes they are.ive just associated them with howa because that's where I first seen them.since I noticed they are made for tikkas and remmys too.perfect....
  3. Swarovski1

    Which scope

    I've looked through most of the top end scopes as members in my club has them.march included.lots of top end scopes to see on the 50 cal (fcsa) shoots.i am not really sure how you would choose between most of them.ive had the rifles lined up and got down and looked through.i still prefered my mk4.maybe it suited my eyesight better.you can probaly spend way more than you need to but that's down to individuals budget.the price of it won't make you shoot better.
  4. Swarovski1

    Which scope

    Real shooters ooooh.how would your catagorise a real shooters.....!.I too would say sightron as I've recently bought one.so far I am very impressed.i do rate mk4's right up there with the so say best.
  5. Swarovski1

    Which scope

    All the optics snobs have replied to this thread.
  6. Swarovski1

    Which .308 - please vote

    Ive shot alongside off the peg remmys at 1000yds with aics stocks on them.looked pretty damn good to me.Stock wise that beserk stock made by howa is probaly the best looking off the peg stock I've seen and half the price of others.i will be getting one for my 6.5x47 so its easier to carry/stalk with than the aics stock it wears.tikka stocks are butt ugly.i couldn't agree more.
  7. Swarovski1

    Which .308 - please vote

    Remington NEVER.i would imagine most shooters on here has a remmy action that's been rebarrelled.me too included.it got me 6v's 4a's at 300yds mcqueens prone.6 inside a one inch vbull.i think that speaks volumes.off the peg.a tikka varmint.
  8. Swarovski1

    extreme velocity spread

    Maybe try a different powder.i watched a mate doing a load developement with his 338 lapua magnum through my chrony using 250gr lockbases.he shot one group with an es of 3 fps but it wasn't the best group but that could of been down to his shooting.hard to call.there was no ragged holes in the testing.i think we were up around 3000 fps nearing max loads.
  9. Swarovski1

    Happy Xmas

    Thanks Spud.have a good one.atvb Swaro
  10. Swarovski1


    18 months ago I ran out of cci br 2's and didn't want to pay £70 for a 1000 so I started using the 2000 sellor and belliot primers I bought when we were having a shortage.i can say never saw a difference.the S&B primers were half the money.when I changed calibres to a 284 and 6.5x47 I went back to using br primers just in case.when I remember I will try some loads in my 284 with S&B primers and see.as bradders said the difference would be in your wallet.
  11. Swarovski1

    6.5 x 47 RL15 data

    I can't remember off hand what grainage of varget I used but 38grs rings a bell.will check later.ive still got 8 or 9 loaded
  12. Swarovski1

    6.5 x 47 RL15 data

    What jump are you giving this load silver surfer.ive never tried rel as yet.i tried varget and it was mediocre grouping.mine likes h4350 and rs60 with 139gr and 140gr bullets.ive got about 50x123gr amaxs left and would like to use them up on a mcqueens cof
  13. Swarovski1

    Leupold mk 4 16 x 40

    Nice set ups.OCD is the only way to be 100 percent happy and is good for confidence.
  14. Swarovski1

    Turning and chambering a barrel

    I too find it intresting.something totally different to the building type work I've always done.
  15. Swarovski1

    Barrel crowns

    No difference in accuracy from articles I did read.for for the standard unmoderated barrels.the recessed crown seem the best option just incase.chances are if you did hit the crown the likelihood of damaging ghe crown it pretty high I would imagine.my mate and I was out lamping a few years ago and he climbed a fence and the post broke.he went flying and rifle stuck in the ground barrel first.after we stopped laughing we found some round wire to push through the bore to get topsoil out then the bore snake went through a few times so it was ok to shoot.

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