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  1. Hello, Have two new in box scopes, never been mounted. Excellent FFP optics, excellent reticles, have been adopted by various professional end users in NATO. The 1-8 with MR10+ reticle is listed below as £2,181.50, am selling at £2,000 and buyer pays postage. https://www.optics-trade.eu/uk/minox-zp8-1-8x24-rifle-scope.html The 5-25 with MR5 reticle is listed below as £2,443.39, am selling at £2,250 and buyer pays postage. https://www.optics-trade.eu/uk/minox-zp5-5-25x56-rifle-scope.html More reviews can be found here: http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=zp_tac_tests_reports&L=1 Open to sensible offers!
  2. As described, new in box RBCS Uniflow Powder Measure, never been mounted - surplus to requirements. After a brief look on the net these seem to be around £110 ish, asking for £99 plus postage.
  3. Hello, After the above with a .473 inch bolt-face please. Thanks!
  4. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    Thanks Laurie, I understood Wembley Venom did something similar but with nice woodwork, a hot blue and tapped for a scope mount - although that spec may have varied. I didn’t want a MK3 due to the screws in the fore end, but I feel it has worked out quite nicely.
  5. Ejcb

    Kit Advice Please!

    thanks for all the replies guys, apologies for my intermittent responses! at present there isnt a budget per se, but like anyone, want to be as economically minded as possible.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, so what would be the safest bet? TX1200 or an Enfield Actioned Envoy / T4? Do love the Enfield action but feel the TX1200 action may be a better all rounder.
  7. Thanks for the information - not sure whether the barrels are exceptionally good, or the action, chambering and trigger quality is all round superb.
  8. Hello All, My tastes have veered toward British Rifles in recent months, and am currently looking to acquire a 7.62/.308 for target and hunting. The rifle would almost certainly end up scoped and possibly supressed. I do like the Enfield actioned Target Rifles, with the main choices being the Parker Hale T4 and the L39 / Envoy type. A brief conversation with someone in Fulton’s yesterday suggested that the PH T4 was the less accurate rifle in comparison to the L39 / Envoy type - this surprised me but there you go! Equally the PH TX1200s seem to be superb shooters, unless I’ve only seen reports of the good ones. Thoughts please!
  9. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    It’s amazing what some sand paper, perseverance and some wax can do. The matt black and the semi reflective waxed finish really works nicely.
  10. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    I’m a leftie myself mate, as in left handed (not a communist) I worked the right handed comb off the stock so it’s more ambi now.
  11. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    Hello all, Have always lusted after a BSA Martini for vermin and target but sadly never got round to to getting it done, until today. It’s a BSA Martini International, I refinished the woodwork and waxed, whilst the metal work was cerakoted matt black and the barrel shorted and threaded. I added a SAK supressor, a Shooting Shed optics mount, Tier 1 rings and a Minox ZPTAC 5-25X56 I had laying around from a work project. Many thanks to Mark Bradley for doing a terrific job, and being a gent to deal with - his reputation is well deserved. Have bought 1000 Tenex and fingers crossed it should shoot nicely.
  12. Ejcb

    Kit Advice Please!

    Thanks so much for these replies already - much appreciated!
  13. Ejcb

    Kit Advice Please!

    Hello All! Have acquired a RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Kit, although there are things I need to acquire and would like your opinion / advice. Would like to get started loading 6.5 Creedmore, .223, 303, 7.5X55 and possibly .38/.357, in small quantities but to a decent standard - even if it is at a slow rate. Trying to stick to a budget as far as possible. Dies: Redding Premium Deluxe Die Set Primer Pocket & Flash Hole Prep: Is a brush and cutter required? Case Cleaning: Is this required? Digital Scales: Pocket-Touch 1500 Trickler: RCBS Trickler Case Trimmer: Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer Calipers: RCBS Calipers Headspacing & OAL Gauge: Hornady? Cartridge Holders: RCBS Compatibility? Hornady Lock N Load: May speed changes up, are these compatible with various dies? Appreciate your thoughts!

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