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  1. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    You’re very welcome - will measure it as soon as I’m in the UK. mark cut, threaded and cerakote the gun for me and did a terrific job. the shooting shed provided the scope mount - an excellent it is too!
  2. Ejcb

    BSA Martini

    Hi buddy! im glad you like the rifle and hope yours works out well! mine is a MK3 which has an aluminium frame which screws into the underside of the barrel and accepts the two wooden foreend sections which also screw in. in currently away in the USA, so unable to measure but I had the barrel shortened to .5 inch longer than the foreend. there’s a fair amount of barrel which is hidden by the action - perhaps 3 inches or so. am back on the 8th and happy to measure it and even do a video call to help you have a look around. all the best, ed
  3. Looking for a suppressor for a .44 Magnum lever gun. Have seen hausken have a .375 model which could be bored out to fit, providing that the thread fits a threaded .44 muzzle. Any ideas?
  4. Ejcb

    Khales, minox

    have some minox for sale - have PM'd you
  5. Ejcb

    Scope Wanted

    jay - cant seem to send you messages? have just the thing you need for sale pm me
  6. Have used the OD suppressors on a few firearms, a 9x19 pistol, a .45 ACP pistol, a .45 ACP HK UMP, a 5.56 M4, a 5.56 VHS Bullpup, a 5.56 HK 53 and also on a .308 AI. They are very lightweight - titanium and inconel, and do a good job during automatic fire. Those are my 2 pennies.
  7. Ejcb

    7.5x55 K31 Rifle

    Looking for the above rifle, good metalwork, wood and bore for a target gun.

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