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  1. Electronic scale for sale

  2. Electronic scale for sale

    No idea No I deer! Never used the Gempro.
  3. Electronic scale for sale

    Sold subject to payment.
  4. Electronic scale for sale

    Will take £80 for the scale including p and p. What a bargain lol.
  5. I am selling my scales and would like £100 plus the cost of any postage / packaging. Have attached a photo and it comes with the instruction book / calibration weight. Cheers
  6. Reloading with Rosie

    Near enough but prefer Daffyd's but got a hankering after the gold lame ones!!!!!
  7. Reloading with Rosie

    Who has been talking, that is a closely guarded secret????? Word has it that the programme will only be on pay per view channels so get your credit cards out boys and watch the master at work! Reloading obviously!
  8. Reloading with Rosie

    I will now reload wearing some sexy gold lame hot pants. Watch out men my reloading will be so improved I will kick butt at the next shoot. Mind, they are a little tight in certain areas and I squeak when I walk. But it will be worth it.
  9. Reloading with Rosie

    Can I have your autograph Laurie now your a film star! Hang on, forget that, can you get me a signed photo of the scantily clad Rosie? And maybe her phone number so I can ask her some serious questions on meplat trimming and bullet pointing. Cheers
  10. Case tumbling with steel pins

    😁 Will do. Many thanks
  11. Case tumbling with steel pins

    Cheers for the info Baldie. After some thought what I believed was the way forwards in case cleaning with steel pins etc, I have decided to stick with cleaning the outside with 0000 wire wool and giving the case neck a quick brush out to keep a carbon lining to ensure a slick seating of the bullet. It sounds a bit too much trouble fiddling with water, straining and ensuring that all of the steel pins come out of each case. I usually only fire about 32 rounds in a competition. So thanks to everyone to took the time to offer either to view their tumbler or suggested an alternative, many thanks Gents.
  12. Case tumbling with steel pins

    Cheers bonny lad. After checking it out on the internet it is a bit too large for what I need but thanks for the info.
  13. Case tumbling with steel pins

    Can anyone recommend a good robust rotating tumbler (e.g. rock polisher type) so I can clean my brass with steel pins. Any info appreciated. Cheers
  14. Building the 'Long Dog'

    Hi Darrel. Was at Alan's mancave earlier on today and it is coming along nicely and also compared with the Big Dog stock the Long Dogs stock is light as a feather. I asked him if he was confident in getting it ready but he said it depends on the weather to allow meaningful testing. So fingers crossed matey. I just hope the bench is long enough to allow it to be set up lol. See you on the 4th.
  15. Diggle results

    Hi Vince. Can you mail me a copy as well. Cheers

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