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  1. That bald headed Geordie

    Accuracy International L96

    Many years ago now whilst working for Vickers Defence Systems here in Newcastle upon Tyne as a buyer, I had used the L96 in 7.62x51 at the Skill at Arms competition in Warminster in the 90s. The Army put on this competition to civvies employed in the defence industries. I liked the Accuracy International rifle and thought I would like to purchase one for myself. So on my return I rang up Accuracy International and had a word with someone in their sales dept. They said put a request for a quote in so I did. The cost then in I think it was 1992 fully kitted up with all the bits and pieces in a hard case was about £5900 or so obviously built to Milspec. This was on the basis of being sold to Vickers Defence Systems and not an individual shooter. Sometime later I went to the British Army Equipment Exhibition as our company had the Challenger 2 MBT on show as well as other bits and pieces. During the show I went over to the Accuracy International stand and noticed Malcolm Cooper. I asked him about purchasing the rifle as a civilian and he said that they would never sell rifles to individuals as it was not their policy and only to Governments/Military etc. I said it was a pity that British civvies could not own the rifle that was used by our Armed Forces but he said they had no business plan to do so as the rifles were all Milspec and would cost an arm and a leg. At the time it was a lovely piece of kit, but am sure the AIs currently being used by civvies is a better piece of kit due to improvements over the years I think.
  2. That bald headed Geordie

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Most people I know who shoot .284 Winchester use Lapua 6.5 x 284 brass and neck up. I have used Lapua brass and necked up for many years and never had a problem and case life seems pretty good. As for doughnuts, I use the Berger 180 Hybrid and ensure that the bearing surface of the bullet is above the shoulder / neck junction so am not affected with doughnut issues.
  3. That bald headed Geordie

    D-Day recollections

    It got my attention span and read every word. It was the least I could do and I wasn't getting shot at!
  4. That bald headed Geordie

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    There are 2 classes in F class competitions. 1. FTR - which can only use calibres of .223 or 30 calibre. 2. F Open - any other calibre than the above. F Open tends to use the 7mm or heavier 30 calibre bullets and way back when was considered the Formula one of F class. However, FTR class which can utilise factory rifles in .223 (which is not used) and .308, the quality has improved dramatically and most serious shooters will have a custom built rifle. But it is the best class to start with if you intend to use a bog standard factory rifle and stick with the .308 cartridge. If you haven't been to an F class competition I would suggest you do and ask questions and go from there to suit your budget. Good shooting
  5. That bald headed Geordie

    Funeral of George Balfour

    I have just been notified that the funeral of George Balfour will take place at 10.30am on Wednesday the 23rd of May at the Whitley Bay Crematorium, and a reception will be at the Grand Hotel in Whitley Bay afterwards. Can anyone wishing to attend the funeral please PM me or text me on 0777-2871634. Many thanks, Les
  6. That bald headed Geordie

    Font Colour

    It's gravy booby!!!!! Sorry, it's groovy baby!! Used to have a pair of crushed velvet flares in that colour! Went to the Isle of Wight festival in the late 60s and I then understood what the 'purple haze' was. You weren't there man, you weren't there!!!
  7. That bald headed Geordie

    George Balfour

    It is with great sadness to say that my friend George Balfour passed away in his sleep last night. I will post details of his funeral arrangements/family wishes etc when known.
  8. That bald headed Geordie

    Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate.

    So pleased I didn't see you run over by Vince's 4x4 and stuck on his front tyres! Which stand were you on? Plus I could have sworn there was badger meat on a stick for sale, and I thought........... No!
  9. That bald headed Geordie

    Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate.

    Was at the shooting show today at Harrogate and enjoyed the day. Met a few old faces and enjoyed the craic and the sunshine. Here is the only photo I took today showing 3 suspicious characters from Diggle (Jeanette Whitney, Vince Bottomley (Gun Pimp) and Tony Lenton. Also Alan Maughan visited the show for the day so had him on the stand for a while. I liked some of the 50 calibre rifles on show and a few other things, so worth a visit.
  10. That bald headed Geordie

    Amazing group!

    FFS! Can't we just enjoy our relevant disciplines without making comments as above! I think this subject should be locked as it is getting childish and it is now sinking to a level that our enemies would love to see - dissension within our ranks. If you disagree with me then please keep it to yourselves as I have lost interest. Good shooting to all disciplines. PS. It was Vince Bottomley a benchrest shooter who I first heard utter the comment of 'it blows them in as well as out'
  11. That bald headed Geordie

    Amazing group!

    Info on calibre etc added
  12. That bald headed Geordie

    Amazing group!

    Just found an old photo of my smallest 5 shot group shot at 1000 yards at Diggle and it's pretty accurate and well centered. So it goes to show that we benchrest shooters can get precision and accuracy at the same time. Not always of course being subject to Diggle winds. The V bull ring is 5 inches in diameter so I think the group was 3 inches and something! I shot it with my new (at the time) Tooley MBR/Kreiger barrel/BAT M action in 6.5 x 55 Ackley Improved using a 139 gr Lapua bullet/Lapua brass neck turned. To make my day, the guy who built the rifle for me (Dave Tooley from the USA) was present and also shooting. So was well pleased with the overall results as I won the competition. Since then I have gone downhill and have had my moment in the limelight, now I just shoot for the fun and also a beer and curry weekend. What's not to like eh?
  13. That bald headed Geordie

    Amazing group!

    Same here Brown Dog. Still got my copy. When I first read it over 20 years ago now I just got hooked in trying all of Glenn's tips and got into benchrest comps at Diggle. While watching the likes of Vince Bottomley, Willie Dixon and others in the early 1990s I gained further knowledge and realised that up to that point my reloading was in the dark ages. So I soon realised that benchrest shooters were onto something using equipment and their brass preparation which was not really commonplace at that time, but through time, books like Glenn's and the internet, it is now.
  14. That bald headed Geordie

    Amazing group!

    We are all shooters of many and different disciplines and I have shot F class and benchrest over many years and enjoy them. Each to their own and it is sometimes fun to have a little poke at disciplines that we do not shoot. But let's keep it friendly folks and anyone who pokes too hard to try and get another member to bite should be told under no uncertain terms to jam doughnut off and do one (in the best possible taste of course!). Good shooting to all even if you do shoot CSR/F class/Benchrest/Black Powder/Cowboy stuff. Cheers, Les
  15. That bald headed Geordie

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    This matter has already been initially mentioned as the Police had to come to his home and have removed his firearms. George apparently left instructions that in the event of any problem with health etc, then the family should contact me and discuss the disposal of his firearms/equipment etc. His daughter has confirmed this. At this time it is too early to be discussed in detail and I await any family decisions as and when they see fit. I did go and visit George today and his son, daughter in law were present. He seemed to be in better fettle and managed to get complete sentences out but it was in fits and starts generally. But I did show him some of the comments made on this site and he managed to smile so understood that people were asking after him. Les

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