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  1. That bald headed Geordie

    General Reflextion

    The above photo makes me think of Kenny Everett's slightly right wing American Army Captain who said "Round 'em up, put 'em in a field and bomb the b*stards! How can anyone vote for these idiots/communist/IRA sympathisers! Just my twopennorth chaps!
  2. That bald headed Geordie

    Lyman Borecam

    Sold to JR Firearms subject to receipt of funds. Thanks. Les
  3. I would like to sell my Lyman Digital Borecam which is in excellent condition. SOLD.
  4. That bald headed Geordie

    New flexible borescope

    Many years ago I had the Hawkeye Borescope and it was good but expensive and eventually sold it. But I recently felt the need to get something not quite as expensive but whilst checking out the 6BR website forum I noticed that a new flexi borescope was mentioned and quite a large number of shooters purchased them from Amazon. The optical results seemed to please our American cousins so I went onto the companies website to check out the type I wanted (NGT Rifle Borescope) and ordered it on the 5th Oct and it turned up today. So not too bad considering it came from China and I wasn't ripped off money wise and all went according to plan. The company is Teslong and I wanted to test it to make sure it was compatible with my Macbook Pro. So there are only 2 parts to it, one being the flexi cable with mirror and light source and the other being the USB connector and a dimmer switch on the cable. The flexi mirror part is about 1 metre long so good enough for most barrels. The mirror section is 0.194 diameter and is adjustable to give optimum focus dependent upon the bore diameter. I used mine on my 6BRA barrels and also my .284 Win barrels with no problems. There is another version for barrels of 0.223 diameter and smaller I believe. I took a couple of photos of old and new barrels on my heavy gun and have attached some below. I tried to download 2 vids but they exceed the maximum permitted. The first photo is of my old barrel in 6BRA and shows the carbon ring. The second photo is of my new unused Bartlein barrel chambered for 6BRA. Optical quality is quite good I think. It didn't cost a fortune and I think I paid about £45 or so and it came via DHL and is trackable and arrived as promised. Definitely worth a look I think and no I am not importing them so get one yourself lol.
  5. That bald headed Geordie

    D-Day recollections

    Harry Billinge. I won't forget that interview. Sharp as a tack and what a guy!
  6. That bald headed Geordie


    Ok Nick, the only problem you could have in using the neck sizing die only after multiply firings is that your not full length resizing the case and might find your cases will eventually not fit into the chamber until full length resized. Also the case headspace dimension might be excessive and the case will be too tight to close your bolt. This is were the Redding 6BR small base type S full length resizing die fits the bill it does everything in one pass. I have long since stopped using just a neck sizing die as at somepoint you will have to use the full length die, or a shoulder bump die along with your neck size die. Hope that info helps.
  7. That bald headed Geordie


    Are you using 2 separate dies? One to deprime and full length with the neck expander and another to neck size only? If you are, then for the neck size bushing die you do not need to lube the inside of the neck, but just a little sizing die wax on the outside of the neck. The only time I use lube inside the case neck is when I seat bullets and use graphite powder. However, if your using 2 dies as above then for the die with the neck expander you will obviously lube the outside of the case. As for lubing the inside that is something I have never done as I wouldn't use the expander in the first place. A long time ago I did have a full length die with an expander that couldn't be removed so I ground the expander ball down so it wouldn't touch the neck. But I used a Lyman type M neck expander die to enable the case to be supported and did use the graphite powder to make it easier to expand the neck as a separate operation.
  8. That bald headed Geordie


    Get rid of the expander ball on your sizing die. They are the worst thing you can use. On the down stroke to full length resize the case, the case neck is squeezed too much and on the upstroke the expander ball really rips the case neck and more importantly the case is not supported during the extraction process and will give you horrendous runout and overwork the brass in the neck area. After you have full length resized and deprimed with the expander ball removed you can either use a seperate neck expander die which will give you the necessary case support and to bring the neck up to give you minimum neck retention on the bullet. Or if you want more neck retention you can use a die that uses bushings and do the job in one go as I do. My custom 6BRA die resizes the brass and I select a bushing to give me about 2 thou bullet retention. Redding has a full length die in 6BR (No 77201 see photo) and you can remove the neck expander ball and use just a primer decapper plus the die utilises a bushing to resize the neck to your desired tension I used this die in my previous 6BR heavy gun. I have attached a photo and you can see that you can remove the traditional neck expander ball and replace it by a slimmer type that just holds the decapping pin and doesn't touch the inside neck.
  9. That bald headed Geordie

    Tikka 590 action wrench

    Cheers for the info Andy. The barrel has been removed by the rifle manufacturer Big Al on here (barrel is a Bartlein) who has the facility (very strong work bench and a custom made clamp wrench with a large f*ck off bar). Unfortunately I only have a flimsy wooden desk which in the past is ok to change barrels but that was with a BAT rear entry wrench which was easy to remove the barrels. I did purchase a very large adjustable spanner for the Tikka and it is ok to torque the barrel up, but it is not satisfactory to remove the barrel without having the legs fall of the desk lol. So I was hoping that someone may know of a rear entry Tikka action wrench for sale. I will check out Brownells site. Les
  10. That bald headed Geordie

    Tikka 590 action wrench

    Has anyone got a Tikka 590 action wrench for sale, or knows anyone who has one. Thanks
  11. That bald headed Geordie

    Bolt lube

    I want to harm myself! Please let it go men and move on. Nothing to see here! Now, where is that knife? ☺️
  12. That bald headed Geordie

    Cheytac .375

    4500 yards! Oh no, not the bloody coriolis effect to worry about! Think I will give it a miss.
  13. That bald headed Geordie

    Target shooter magazine

    Maybe The Gun Pimp a.k.a. Vince Bottomley could enlighten us?
  14. That bald headed Geordie

    Jetz cqb or compact wanted

    My money is on you matey. ATB
  15. That bald headed Geordie

    Jetz cqb or compact wanted

    Fancy becoming the Prime Minister Bradders? You would last longer than her!

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