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Question for anyone short sighted who uses a scope. 

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Hi Everyone. 


So I’m short sighted and normally wear glasses. 


I’ve been shooting .22LR BR for 18 mths ish and when I do, I don’t wear glasses and use a blinder attached to the scope. 


I’ve just started shooting a club centrefire rifle with a scope and not using glasses and seem to be managing ok-ish for early days (I've only has 2 visits and so not really got onto wind reading yet as I'm just learning to manage recoil and trigger control (it’s a lot heavier than the club Anschutz)! 


I’m just starting to think if it would be useful to have a prescription lens over my left eye to see grass / trees / windsocks etc. 


How does everyone else who is short sighted manage with a scoped rifle. 


Do you:

Have glasses with prescription lens for your non dominant eye and a clear lens for your scope eye?


Use only your dominant eye without glasses and do all your wind reading through the scope?


Many thanks.

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I'm short sighted and have astigmatism. I wear varifocals for all forms of shooting (rifle and shotgun). I know I'm giving away some precision indoors at .22 prone, but I can live with that. Outdoors, I need to see both through the scope and the environment around me. 



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I'm short sighted, but wear contacts.  With the club rifle, do you set the scope up for yourself? or just use as is, having a scope set up purely for your vision will make a big difference

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Many thanks everyone and much appreciated. 

I'm using a club rife and just use the scope as is (only adjusting parallax / focus and POA each time if need be). 

Good news that a scope permanently set up for me (and better quality at that) will make a big difference. 

Best wishes.


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