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Savage mod 12 308 FTR for sale

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Owned by us from new, bought in 2011. We switched to 6BR in 2013, then 6.5x47 in December 2017, the 308 barrel having been stored since. It's fired approx 1100 rounds during the 2 years, and has now been re-fitted. There is a steel Farrell 20MOA Pic rail fitted.

The Form stock was fitted at the same time as the 6,5x47 barrel. However, it was later found to be cracked at the neck, and was properly repaired by epoxying a length of 8mm studding up through the pistol grip, now considerably stronger than when new!

The trigger was replaced a couple of years ago, and there is some pitting on the bolt face. (As these rifles are somewhat modular in design, the bolt head is attached to the bolt by a pin, and is easily removed and replaced.)

The original Savage stock is included with the action screws, together with the barrel spanner, and trigger adjustment tool.

The scope's a  Sightron Slll 8-32 x 56 LRMOA with MOA-2 reticle (and steel 30mm low rings). Some brassing on the turret edges, but optically pristine, with a skylight filter fitted from new.

I've included the 6BR and 6.5x47 barrels in the pics in case anyone is interested.

Priced to sell:

Rifle plus Form & original stock, £500,

With scope, £900, scope on it's own (after rifle is sold...), £450

6BR and 6.5x47 barrels £50 each.

Preferably face to face at Bisley.

Please PM in first instance.


DSC00003 Savage 2.jpg

DSC00007 Savage 4.jpg

DSC00002 Savage 1.jpg

DSC00010 Savage 5.jpg

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