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What’s the best AR15 precision trigger?


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as per tittle, by best I mean lightest with cleanest break. Single or double stage I can live with both. Basically I have it down to the Timney Calvin Elite or TriggerTech Diamond……..anyone experience of both please?

Purpose is for a long range precision build in an AR15 platform. Current trigger is a JP industries which is not bad at all but I want better.

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I went with a TriggerTech Diamond - flat trigger shoe. Thoughts: Easy install and easy to set to minimum weight. First stage is very light and short (no weight) up to a clean and defined wall. Break is clean and repeatable. The trigger based on 1 range session is very repeatable in terms of break and reset. 

Dislikes - weight, 1.5 lbs is too heavy for me in terms of a match trigger, however this is I think is an AR system limitation. I have not found a significantly lighter trigger thus far. Reset - it’s fine for a precision rifle but I can easily outrun the reset - trigger pressure to the reset is very light ( result of a light trigger). I shoot a lot of PCC in 9mm with a heavier single stage Timney trigger - no where near as light but it defines what a short positive reset should be.

All in all 👍 

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On 2/6/2024 at 12:56 PM, searlock said:

I prefer the Hiperfire Hipertouch triggers. It works really well in my AR 10 308 F Class, and superb in my AR 7.62x39 for the really hard primers.

Besides the Timney in the MPX I have just got a  Hyperfire PDI in a Davinci DG9 9mm which is excellent in that system- 9mm blowback breaks triggers and the hammer weight is heavier than other triggers which is a big plus with a 9mm blowback also as it helps keep the bolt closed a fraction longer ( as well as helping with heavy primers). It has a 2lb break but is still a 1/2lb more than the Trigger Tech……I would like to go lower weight if I could.

The Trigger Tech Diamond (2 stage) would be a disaster in the 9mm pcc with a slow and light reset but both the Trigger Tech and Hyperfire ( which has a fast and positive reset if not as short as the Timney) would work in the JP. 

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