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Fine handmade hunting rifles with match accuracy


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I had the opportunity to meet these Austrian hand made hunting rifles manfucturers that introduced me to a world I was not yet familiar with, fine hunting rifles made to measure that perform as well as my precision rifles. This Kipplauf rifle in 338LM certainly struck a cord. Check out the interview.



ganz18341-1400x532 (1).jpg

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mmmmm, gun porn 😉😁

To me the only value in rich folk buying ridiculously expensive rifles (or anything else)  is it employs crafts people  - and to me they're the one's deserving of respect.  Certainly not the buyers - I bet you agree

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That is the working model of the rifle, Fanzoj had two rifles built for AmmonAmmon75, the other one was this that incorporated very intricate designs. In fact this month we interviewed AmmonAmmon75 avout hos choice of rifle for mountain hunts and here is what he said


mountain-kingdom-post-7 (1).jpg

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No idea who AmonAmon is but probably a sheikh with all that money and free time. 

I’ve lost interest in his exploits to be honest. No better than any other social media influencer. Buying records and bragging doesn’t interest me. 

As already mentioned at least his wealth keeps the peasants fed. As for the craft of the over ornate rifle, its art at the end of the day. Functional but over the top for my taste. 


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