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Looking for ballistics app (iphone) to cover airgun, 22LR and .223

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Hi all

Long time Chairgun user, even though they stopped developing it years ago. it did the job fine for my FAC .22 airgun, and with my Hawke Panorama scope I was used to doing holdovers at a fixed 10x mag.

Since getting my .223 I've started doing clicks, and I like the approach. I've been using Strelok Pro.  I'm about to get a .22LR and will also be going for clicks.

Finally, I'm going to get a new scope for the airgun, with resettable turrets, and will move across from holdover to clicks.

What app would you guys recommend?

  • Chairgun is too basic and clunky
  • Strelok Pro is great but I'm wary of putting all my eggs in the same basket due to the app being withdrawn/author sanctioned etc.
  • Sako Ballistics is fine for my .223 but isn't really gerared up to working with multiple guns
  • Hornady app is good but the suggested adjustment is in MRAD or MOA, not clicks, and I just know that one day I'm going miscalculate (I know 1=0.93 mrad is 9 clicks, but still :) ). Also, the Hornady app rounnds bullet weights to whole numbers; fine for the bigger toys but it takes my 15.89gr airgun pellets and changes them to 16.


Ideally I want to be able to store presets of gun/ammo/scope, dial in a distance and get a clicks displayed.

Interested to see what you guys and girls have found?




PS Trying to hang on to using an app, although I have also prepared some D.O.P.E cards.

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