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MOA Challenge


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Yesterday saw the first of a series of competitions called the MOA Challenge 


These are being held at Gardner Guns in Southern Scotland at one of the ranges there


The Challenge sits perfectly as a test of a rifleman’s skill to use their weapon effectively shooting MOA targets from 200 mtrs in 100 meter increments out to 1000 mtrs and from there at further distances of 1036, 1302 and 1437 mtrs (1500 yds)


The course of fire was a single cold bore shot at 200 followed by five on the 300 target then moving to 400 - 3 shots, 500 - 3 shots and so on 


One shot hitting any of the distances allows you to progress to the next distance - miss all three at any given target and that’s you out of the comp


The targets are all steel plates, hit indication is good (spotting scopes were used for scoring) 


The targetry was laid out in an arc of about 130 degrees making wind call interesting due to angular changes 


Everyone attending, ans I mean everyone had smiles on their faces and genuinely enjoyed the experience. Quite a few people attended who I used to shoot with in the F Class and Tactical  competitive community who I haven’t seen for years - it was really good to catch up with them again 


People attended from a variety of shooting backgrounds and it was an interesting mix 


The competition is divided into various classes 


22 Rf (at RF distances)


223 and below 


Short Action


Long Action up to 338 LM


Above 338 LM


Multiple entries are allowed 


The day was very well run and very enjoyable 


The furthest target successfully engaged was 1036 mtrs (1133 yards)

Those further proved elusive in the conditions 


A few pics with some more to follow;


Targetry distances 




Some of the participants 






The Short Action and Long Action winners with one of the targets shot at knee height 


Both rifles are cleared by the way in case anyone has concerns over safety





If your interested in participating in the next one - details can be obtained by contacting Gardner Guns via the following link 





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Be great to see you at the next one Sean 

Perfect test for your SAUM

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On 5/7/2023 at 9:04 PM, Ronin said:

Be great to see you at the next one Sean 

Perfect test for your SAUM

I’m working out my schedule at the minute to make sure I’m there. 

Yeah I planned on taking it to the one on the 6th so I’m interested to see how it performs. 

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