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good morning ,that depends on your intended use and also once you have found ammunition your rifle groups well with its best to try and hold as much of that ammunition you can afford to buy. if you are foxing once or twice a week and shoot 3/5 foxes and check your rifles zero etc you may use 10 to 20+ rounds a week or you could use a lot more. how far will you need to travel and how easily will you be able to get ammunition of the type you will use? if its five minutes away and they always have stock ask for 60 rounds if not easy to get or far away ask for 300 the feo may say less but you can ask.

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My last renewal I added .223 for fox and asked for 100 rounds . All went through ok . First grant was 600 .22 , 400 hmr and 200 .308 . 
100 of 223 let me try a few packs of ammo and settled on sako 55 grain soft points. Reloaded ever since . 

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County Cleveland. If you don’t ask/ need too many it seems a smoother journey. Also size of storage locker will dictate how much you can store . My top storage locker of the bratton sound 14 shotgun cabinet is full with my allotted amount and have no need to store more . 

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4 hours ago, tonyshooter said:

I have, for sporting shooting, 600 x .222, 600 x 243, 600 x 270 and 2500 x .22rf

Only think said by the police was I hope you can afford to buy all these !

I think in your instance 200 would be fine.

Sounds good to me if they are not happy they can just change it to less

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