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Minimum rifle length?


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Good evening all am I right in thinking the minimum length of a rifle section one is 16 “

the gun in question is a pre charged pneumatic air gun called an Edgun Leshiy 2 ,

the air source is in the buttstock,it folds in half at the hinge between the receiver and the buttstock, and that’s where the magazine goes .

it is self indexing Not semi automatic,as it fires from the magazine and doesn’t load from the mag .

rate of fire 8 shots in 1.8 seconds power is dependent on calibre.they go upto .30 cal and 100 ftlb ish 

never seen one in this country on ticket ? 



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I believe air rifles are different and don't have to follow the same rules as section 1 firearms with regard to length. It might come down to how it is fired that makes it a pistol or a rifle and nothing to do with length.

ETA: When the length is mentioned in the Act it specifically exempts air weapons from the requirements (FA1968 S5.1(aba))

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S5(1)(aba) Firearms Act 1968 prohibits a firearm if it’s barrel length is less than 30cm or its overall length (not including any folding stock or similar) is less than 60cm. However this provision does not apply to an “air weapon” (or to items designed as signalling apparatus or muzzle loading guns). 

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In this context “air weapon” means what is commonly referred to as a “low powered air gun”, (the route to establish this are the definitions in s57 and then the one at s1(3)(b) for those wanting to follow the details). 
Thus the provisions at s5(1)(aba) apply to “specially denagerous” air weapons but not to “low power” air guns, which is what allows for the lawful possession of air pistols still.


The relevance of this to the OP will depend upon whether the air gun in question is “specially dangerous” or “low power”. This determined by its muzzle energy. Whether to apply the 12ft/lbs for a rifle or the 6ft/lbs for a pistol is the aspect that is less clear, as this is likely to depend on how it was intended to be operated/fired, as Matt indicates. The air gun in the OP appears to be a rifle, but ultimately a court would be the decision making point if the question of rifle v. pistol really had to be answered.

I hope that helps.



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Firstly thankyou for your replies 

I have done some digging  and believe it would be legal to have section one but as I already have a section one air rifle if I push  forward the gun will 100% stay as a sub 12 ftlb rifle 

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