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Delta Stryker and ADM Mount Appraisal


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Morning all,

Just after someone to give me a rough value for a these as trying to get an idea of how much I'd need to add to upgrade to a S&B.

1: Delta Stryker ED 4.5-30x56 HD FFP IR Mil Mil Zero Stop Locking Turret Rifle Scope - DLR-1

Around 2 years old. Very good condition.

Still have factory box and Sun Shade.

Would come with Tenebraex Objective and Ocular covers. 

2: American Defense AD-RECON-SW 34mm STD Long Saddle 20 MOA Quick Detach 1 Piece Unimount

Also around 2 years old. Very good condition. Some slight marks from loctite overspill which will probably clean off. 

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1 hour ago, Malinois said:

I think you are in the right range but do a search for Stryker on here and The Stalking Directory as sometimes things linger and go for less. 

Glad you said that. Couple for Gen 1s sold for £1k and £1100 earlier this year. So definitely in the right ball park.

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It's a cracking Scope. If I'm completely honest I don't need to upgrade. It does everything I need and more.

I just want too 🙃😆 if my wife asks though it's nowhere near good enough and I have to upgrade 😂

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