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Vortex pst 2 issue


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Just bought a new vortex pst 2 and mounted to rifle. Went to zero and the bloody zero stop won’t disengage. I’ve read Manuel and watched vortex you tube videos and I can’t see that I’m doing it wrong but it shouldn’t click when lower turrets grub screws are wound out. It’s just solid and clicks. Anyone else had issues 

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Just got my replacement scope and zero stop works perfect but now when you zoom in or out the reticle jumps from side to side. I’ve only mounted it, I haven’t shot it yet. Surely can’t be right. 
I only bought this to see if I can get on with first focal plane before I jumped in to high end scope. 
Am I wasting my time with vortex 

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Update the importers have got in contact with me and are handling it now. The scope was nt torqued down it was just nipped up with minimal pressure. 100% scope wasn’t moving in the rings. When turning the mag ring there is a slack point this when the reticle moves from side to side

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good afternoon ,if you are not happy with the vortex  get a full refund and buy an element optics titan.<as a foot note one of our club member bought a pst2 and his zero stop stops him from zeroing at one hundred yards !!!.another one for the scrap heap.

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