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.260 110gn Loads


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Very long shot but to save me a little bit of initial legwork, does anyone have a pet load for a .260 with a 110gn bullet. 

Currently have been shooting 120gn ELD-M and then Barnes TTSX in front of 43gn RS60 but have got some Virtus Merlin 110gn to try as I’ve been recommended them and looking for somewhere to get going from.


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Cheers Jimmy, that’s a good starter for 10. 

Furyan - I haven’t tried them. I was on TTSX but can’t get them just now so was recommended to try the Virtus by a friend of mine who was testing them and likes them. I think that they work on a very similar basis. 

Hopefully they are better because they are also a bit cheaper!!

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Too be honest i havent till now seen the Virtus Merlin 110gn But i will look into these too . I have some TLR 112grain these shoot very very well sligtly more money but they are well made Uk made Tipped copper bullet.

Keep me informed on how you get on with the Virtus Merlin 110gn in the 260Rem as my son shoots the same cal.

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So quick update with no pictures because I was in a rush. 

Did 4 separate loads in 1gn increments to the same length as my original ELD loads 

42gn - 45gn

42’s were crap - maybe better part of a 2 inch group. 

Got better as we got punchier until 45gn and very happy with what I got. Single hole for the first three shots then one about touching and then I pulled the 5th but for now that’s my go to. 

Primers and bolt lift all fine. 

not convinced that I could shoot any better than the group I got at 45gn - very happy with it. 

not shot anything with them yet but accuracy wise they seem pretty good - so far so good.  

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Shot a couple of roe yesterday and happy with the way the Merlins work. 

Other feedback seems to be a bit violent at closer range but i tend to head / neck stuff close in so that actually suits me. 

Happy so far

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Still haven’t shot anything in the chest yet but accuracy wise and terminal performance i much prefer these over the TTSX I was using previously - I also like the idea that you can change up to the somewhat tougher versions in the same weight with a claimed no change in POI or performance. 

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I have a box of the 110g merlins to try in my 260rem. 

I have a tub of rs60 so I'll work my way upto the 45g mark.

I'm also going to try loading with some reloader15. I'm sure I read somewhere that these monolithics like a slightly faster powder.

I'll post my findings along with chronograph results.

Cheers mh

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