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Battle belt setup

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Hi all, 

Im looking into getting a ‘battle belt’ setup for my different types of shooting and I’m wondering if anyone uses these on here and what make and opinions on practicality and quality? 
I shoot range, rifle, pistol, shotgun and hunt fox, deer, rabbit and bird. 
I want something that I can change out for example, for pistol shooting incorporate a holster and mag pouches along with dump pouch for empty cartridges. Hunting, pouches for range finder, magazines, first aid kit, knife etc. 
I would like a quality system with all of these items. Anybody able to shed any light as to what works and what doesn’t?

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Depends on what you want. For competition Double Alpha is hard to beat I have mine set up for pistol with 3 Blade-Tech kydex pouches for mpx carbine mags as a do-it all range belt but for a more tactical set-up ( which I think is what you are after) then we use Warrior Assault Systems belts sold by U.K. Tactical. They are very modular - the AI mag pouches are particularly good ( sort of rubber lined inside to keep a lot of moisture out). The holster is also very adaptable to a variety of pistols.


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