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A question about mods and muzzle brakes

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OK after reading and searching I have found some mods can have muzzle brakes attached I can't find out how common this is, if all mods can have muzzle breaks attached, if anybody on the site has the combination on their rifle if so did the mod come with the brake or did you have to get it fitted?

The reason I have raised this topic because I have seen complaints about shooters with brakes getting complained about on the firing points and PRS have said that it is better to have a brake fitted for competitions than a mod because there is not usually anybody near you when you are shooting, hence my question is can all moderators be fitted with muzzle brakes?

Any suggestions even those telling me to go away in short jerky movements would be appreciated.

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As Nick said, Ase mods can use the BoreLock muzzle brake. I have this combo and bought it complete as such; muzzle brake and moderator in a package. 

A lot more American made moderators attach to muzzle brakes. As far as I know, only the Ase, Accuracy International and certain models of MAE moderator can be fitted to a brake.

Is the consensus that in the UK/Europe people would tend to use one or the other? As in, being happy to completely unscrew a brake to put a mod on?


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