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Sako Trg Overbore Bipod

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Hi all,

Has anyone been able to mount an overbore bipod on a Sako Trg 22/42?? I really want to try and get my set up overbore but not having much joy with Mr.Google. I have a few Trg’s so ideally I want to get something that I can transfer rifle to rifle. Any and all help much appreciated folks !!!


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And just having had a look at the prices there is a quick release on your wallet and credit card as well. I can understand pro and semi pro shooters (and military / police snipers) spending this sort of money on one of these bipods but for the average shooter who is just coming in to the sport of LR & ELR and learning the ropes these bipods are priced out of the ordinary shooter's range.

It would be nice to be able to afford one but first rifle, scope, bipod, mounts, moderator, ammunition and numerous other things that the new shooter needs these bipods are an unaffordable luxury for me anyway.

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