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Scope base/rail screw upgrade

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Seen a few Sabattis lately where the picatinny rail screws have stripped out the action under recoil. I have found various causes for this which ultimately are all down to quality issues. 

It’s a fairly simple fix, especially with the CNC mill. It’s a case of measuring hole spacing, a quick CAD model, then boring out and threading for larger threads, In this case 8-40. The rail also needs machining to allow fitment of the larger screws. 



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9 minutes ago, Fox Tales said:

 Would it be possible to correct misaligned holes using this method ?

Yes it’s an ideal way of solving that problem. The boring of the hole and thread milling mean the old thread will not influence the new ones, which is what can happen when using the traditional method of drilling and tapping, as the drill and tap will want to follow the old thread. 

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