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M995 project.


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So, thinking one of the first posts a request usually isn't very successful, I hope you gentlemen (and ladies) prove me wrong.

I have an old Sako TRG-S/M995 that when I bought it was in dire need of a new barrel. It became a "project" since I wasn't in need of another to use right away (I have a few others).

Finally settled on a 26" Krieger Remington Varmint 1:7 280AI, but since Covid-19 severely delayed shipping (9 months now still waiting) thoughts about a chassis for this heavy hunter/target/long range arose.

Then i found this used TRG42 stock...

And now the request:

The 42 stock does not have a trigger housing/mag catch so I need to manufacture one. Could you please provide me with measurements for A-M in the picture below?



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1 hour ago, Scotch_egg said:

Consider a trigger guard from KRG. I used one on my TRG stock that I used for a Tikka T3. 

Thank you!

I have done just that but has not been able to find one sold separately in their online store (and would not that also mean that I would have to use AICS magazines?). I suppose I should have sent KRG a mail, since they always seem very helpful, but I was given an estimated delivery time of six months on any KRG product when asking a local dealer (and local means 300+ miles away). I am hoping to have this project done sooner than that.

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