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Found 8 results

  1. CerebralDistortion

    M995 project.

    So, thinking one of the first posts a request usually isn't very successful, I hope you gentlemen (and ladies) prove me wrong. I have an old Sako TRG-S/M995 that when I bought it was in dire need of a new barrel. It became a "project" since I wasn't in need of another to use right away (I have a few others). Finally settled on a 26" Krieger Remington Varmint 1:7 280AI, but since Covid-19 severely delayed shipping (9 months now still waiting) thoughts about a chassis for this heavy hunter/target/long range arose. Then i found this used TRG42 stock... And now the request: The 42 stock does not have a trigger housing/mag catch so I need to manufacture one. Could you please provide me with measurements for A-M in the picture below?
  2. Reluctantly I've decided to sell my Sako TRG 42 Green fixed stock with phosphate black barrel and action. I've only put a handful of rounds through it each year for the past 4-5 yrs and it seems a shame to let it sit not being used properly. Fired approximately 400 rounds from new. Excellent condition throughout. I've used this occasionally at Sennybridge but mostly at Warcop were I recorded my longest shot to date of 1876m with this rifle. Im looking to sell as a complete package as listed below. For sale are the following items- Rifle setup- Sako TRG 42, .338 Lapua Magnum Rifle. Green and phosphate black. Sako TRG 3 ring scope mount. Storm hard case cut to fit the rifle and a few accessories. Package £2300 I will sell the rifle and case for £2100 in case someone wants to use there own mounts. Please Note- Bipod isn't included in the sale. Sale would be preferably face to face but can RFD - RFD at buyers cost Thanks.
  3. I need to test these out to longer ranges, but thought would post the results of my to go to loads having done the OCW process. Unfortunately, I haven't shot the .260 since conducting the OCW with the 200 & 600 yard shoot last week being cancelled due to fog. The higher charge loads opened up beyond the two loads as below, so won't be pursuing these..
  4. After asking questions on a few posts on the Facebook TRG group, I still haven't had any replies... Does anyone have a TRG22 or 42, with a Sightron SV 10-50x60 with Sphur TRG mounts, and does the 35mm mount give clearance between the barrel and scope? ST-4701 34 mm Tube 7 MIL/24 MOA Height:35 mm/1,38" Length:121 mm/4,76" Only looking for replies from people with this setup. 35mm mounts are available, but unsure of clearance, the 44mm's have been out of stock for over 6 months... the gap could be 9mm plus my guesstimated 3mm clearance of the 35mm? I have asked this question of the RFD who spoke with Sphur and they could comment on the 35mm, so recommended the 44mm to be safe, but personally would like it close to the barrel. I can't be the only one on here with this combo. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm having a bit of a clear out and I've decided to part with my TRG. I just don't use it enough and would love someone else to have some enjoyment with it. Load development has been done using the 175grn sierra TMK's which I will gladly supply with the rifle. I also have some factory ammo, a load of my homeloads, a lot of brass, CCI primers and all my dies etc which will be included if the new owner wants. It is in black with TRG muzzle brake and TRG bipod, sako one piece quick release mount and is topped with a leupold mk4 8.5-25x50 LR/T illuminated scope. It is in very good condition and round count is less than 400. I would consider selling the scope separately, but would rather not until the rifle has sold. Price is £3600 ono. If you would like any more info or any pictures please don't hesitate to PM me. Location is Derbyshire. Also advertised elsewhere. Many Thanks Matt
  6. Hello Does anyone know how to fit a TRG-22 mirage band? I inherited one when I bought my rifle but can't see how to fit to the action end - the oem muzzle break has an appropriately sized nib but I can't see anything t'other end. Any non-factory suggestions welcome. I am getting a fair bit of mirage when I shoot fast-ish so thought I would give it a go - is it effective Cheers Hobbit
  7. Anyone know where I can get one of these in the UK? All suppliers online appear to be in the States and with ITAR restrictions rules this out. I'm awaiting a call back from my RFD as there should be no reason Sako couldn't ship this with my rifle. I thought I'd ask on here for anyone else who has ventured down this route of sling fixing.
  8. Good evening, Having recently sold my TRG22 I have the following spares: 1 x Black stock complete, used but no dings or scrapes £175 1 x Foward NV rail, used and very end of the rail has been filed down to allow Butler Creek clearance, this has zero affect on NV mounting. £150 1 x Magazine brand new, never used. £85 1 x Magazine, never used but forgotton at the bottom of my drag bag for a couple of years hence has some surface rust, nothing that a rub with emery cloth and a spray with a rattle can won't fix. I have left it in the honest state I pulled it from my bag rather than tonce it up. £70 1 x Brand new never fitted Mil Spec .308 Barrel. 1"-11 twist phosphate finish screw cut M18x1 THIS BARREL IS BRAND NEW NEVER FITTED HENCE NOT PROOFED. This brl will also fit a Tikka / Sako according to my Gunsmith. £550 inc RFD fees. I have pics but for some reason I cannot post them, I will try again but Pics by email on request. Kind Regards Bob.

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