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Zero Compromise Optics

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I wonder if someone has used one of these scopes ?

How  do they compare in reality to other european top brands?




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They are not that accessible here in the U.K. with only one place I know stocking them. With that, might not be a huge U.K. knowledge base on them. I like you would be keen hear any local thoughts and opinions. 

That said, plenty of threads, info & opinions over on the hide. 

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A mate has taken on a dealership here in CZ . When the CV19 situation improves I’ll try to have a butchers and compare against my 5-45x56 pm2 hopefully on a range. I won’t be in a rush to do it though.


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It will be interesting to know.

I always find educated opinions in this Uk forum.

How is the 5-45 by the way?


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I did a write-up of the S&B a few months ago.... in addition to that

The glass in terms of resolution on the S&B is outstanding - I have had a lot of top tier scopes but believe this to be the best..... so far.

The LRR reticle. I am a big fan and also a fan of red dots in general on carbines and pistols so do take that as a bias. 

1. Low light / night - the reticle is excellent in that it’s just a small centre cross illumination so the target doesn’t get washed out with the reticle. The variable brightness works well from daylight visible to being usable in full darkness.

2. My eyes are getting older around 15x I like to illuminate the centre cross a bit to draw my eye. The mil scale is usable at this magnification. At 5 to 8x you have a good field of view but the reticle becomes almost like a thin plex reticle to my eyes - if I need to use it at that magnification I use the illumination it’s like a magnified red dot.  I like it but then I also use a Kahles k16i at 6x with illumination on a practical rifle.

 3. Using the illumination during the day-  I can “find” the reticle easier and quicker - an example would be banging steel plates from 300-800m under time pressure - I tend to use 20x and a fair bit of brightness on the illumination- it’s much faster than trying to find just the black reticle.

4. Target shooting - prone. I use all the magnification I can get ( weather, sun permitting). 45x is very usable and you don’t need a spotting scope. I don’t use the illumination when target shooting for groups- I have tried it and not found any difference in groups or score - just I guess habit not to use it.

5. Size- it’s not a small scope if it matters. The 3-27x is smaller and also the 5-25x has the LRR reticle. For me the bit of difference in weight and length was not worth sacrificing the extra magnification for. 

So far after 6 months  my impressions have been very positive- I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it as a general target / practical scope.

atb David 

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Got to play a bit with the 527 ZCO today. Initial impressions are on par with a S&B pm2. Very nice tactile  turrets, clicks, more modern for want of a better description than the S&B. I much prefer the LRR reticle on the S&B though. I should get a side by side out to 800m at the end of May. Price is S&B territory at €3740 for the 527. 


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