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Sako Finnfire Stock Bolts


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Sadly my old Finnfire pre-dates the period when I learnt about proper hollow-ground screwdrivers, so the slot-head stock bolts are a little worse for "wear" (stupidity)..

As such I'd like to replace them; preferably with some socket-head alternatives to facilitate accurate stock bolt torque.

I thought I'd struck gold when I stripped my Tikka T3x as the screws were very similar (same M6x1 thread, apparently same head profile, Torx fitting as opposed to slot) however the lengths are different. Even more irritating, the longest T3x item is around 2mm shorter than the longest Sako bolt so modifying the Tikka items would be out of the question too. A pic for reference - the Sako bolts (top) are a nominal 41 and 45mm long, while the Tikka equivalents are 32 and 43mm:


I'd happily pay the $25 asking price for a set of J&P Custom socket bolts, however I'm much less enthused by the prospect of a further $38(!) on top for postage from the US..

I was wondering if there might be any socket cap screws from later Sako / Tikka models (that would have had socket cap or Torx bolt by default) that might fit; it appears that the Quad has / had slotted screws while the current Finnfire II may well have Torx fixings, but I don't know how long they are.. anyone with a Finnfire II want to get a quick measurement for me next time their rifle's out if it's stock, please? ;)

From the J&P site it appears that all the Sako 995/75/85 and Tikka 595/T3/T3x screws are all the same size, so no chance of sourcing anything from these guns. All that said new OEM might prove too expensive anyway; if the (admittedly extortionate) Brownell's price of £68 for a pair of Sako stock bolts is anything to go by (this being the only price I can find online).

Failing all that is there anyone else interested in a group buy on these bolts (or anything else) from J&P to help make the postage more palatable?


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11 hours ago, palo said:

My sako quad has Torx screws but they are too short as well.

You could try Gmk to see if they have anything or have a look on eBay. 

Thanks for the confirmation :)

I could try GMK however after previous experiences with them I'd rather not if I can help it tbh. I'll certainly take a look on ebay (I'm a big fan of sourcing standard-spec components from third parties to avoid obscene wholesaler margins on "official" parts) however it seems that these screws are propitiatory to Sako/Tikka and as such I'm unlikely to find any off the shelf.. 

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any engineering works, can make up a set of stock bolts screws for you, i had a set done a couple of years ago, the  guy charged me £2.50  each  take your original screws with you dave.ps i wouldnt give brownells uk rip of merchants the time of day, they should be banned in  the uk,or email sako direct good luck dave.

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