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Pat Allen

Rifle Basix trigger

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Hello everyone . Has anyone got any setting instructions for a Rifle Basix trigger group fitted to a Stolle action (Rem 700 ) ? 

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I have a RB L3 trigger which may not be the model you have but there are three adjustment screws on the front face of the trigger body.  Top is weight of pull, clockwise increases this, middle is overtravel, clockwise reduces this, bottom is sear engagement, clockwise reduces this.  I made some notes on the instruction manual that weight and overtravel require a 5/64 allen wrench and sear requires 1.5mm/.060".   I'd recommend a mid strength thread lock if you're going to adjust these, but I found them relatively easy to set up and mine is very reliable, it's been on my 40X since 2003 or so and never malfunctioned, just clean it with lighter fluid every so often.


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