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New iPad user seeks apps

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I have just been given a new iPad Pro, and I'm looking for essential apps for the shooter/stalker/outdoor hobbyist.


I have already downloaded Strelok, which is pitched at about my level of ballistic knowledge!


What apps do we reckon are unleavethehousewithoutable? I don't mind paying a modest amount, but over a tenner and they can whistle.


maximus otter



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My go-to apps are iSnipe (ballistics computer), ShotPlot (target record), WindMeter (weather app - replaces my Kestrel).


You see the others, I have several ballistic computer apps, but iSnipe is my preference. I've tried Strelok, but don't like it much - Applied Ballistics is good, but rather complicated for an old fart like me and not very user-friendly.


Two target record apps, ShotPlot and FullBore - try them, see what you think.

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Try OS MAPFINDER, the app is free then you download the full OS maps, way cheaper than paper ones. I work in forestry right across Scotland, I find it very useful, plus in an emergency you can get your location as a grid ref with one tap. Because the maps are downloaded onto your device you don't need mobile reception to use it, which is handy when you are in the back of beyond..


Also try SKITCH, it allows you to draw and annotate photos and PDFs ..

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