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Which type of generator could you use to run a house? I've seen that there's the hyundai diesel ones that run at 3000 rpm, but I understand that these aren't intended for frequent usage which puts me off.

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You need to look at the sort of duty cycle you are expecting. Big difference between something that you just want to run for a few hours to give you power in an outage to one that is going to be running for a week or so, or perhaps 12 hours a day for weeks?


Some pieces of electrical equipment might not take to the 'dirty' power from a single cylinder diesel gen, the gen set should have an AVR if you are going to feed your full domestics including anything electronic. might need to fit a UPS into the system somewhere just as a filter?


Work back from your end user then this will direct you to the correct type of gen. set.


BTW I'm no expert but have run into the odd problem thru' projects at work that involve gen. systems of all sizes, which gives the above considerations.



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You would also be advised to have a Amf panel,


Automatic mains fail, this will safely change the mains to generator and back with a smooth change over with no damage to electrical items,


And when I used to work in power management we always said have a bit more power than you would need in the worst scenario, this does 2 things, allows you to cover all items you have in place with the correct amount of power needed without drawing the pants of a underated genny and should you add items to the power circuit you have some spare to cover the improvements



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