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  1. miki

    LEM case cleaner.

    Heres an old thread. You can tell its old by the pice (£345) I think they are 30% more now .... LEM Thread Linky
  2. Lovely an ideal foxing round (the .22-250)
  3. miki

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    A good quality rail on a good quality action should (IMO) be aligned with the rifle bore. A good quality rail screwed onto the action with the correct torque should also be aligned to the bore. Good quality mounts and rings (correctly torqued) should therefore be centered to the bore. So the scopes ret (in this case) must be off center, which 'might' be possible on a Hawke or a Nikko Stirling (for example) but not so in an S&B, Swaro, March or other quality scope (i'd hope). I must admit i've never encountered (noticed) this problem. Is this a 'real' issue @CRUACH or hypothetical ?
  4. miki

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    Could it be that the OP needs to change his rings over (front to back) ? Is it the rings/mounts that are introducing the error ??
  5. miki

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    OK ... I didn't think that 0.12mm would be an issue although it is much thicker tha Mylar which comes in 25micron thick sheet.
  6. miki

    110grn .308 load data

    Can you still get H4895 as its not REACH compliant (as it contains Ddinitrotoluene) ? Viht N140 is becoming the standard (a quick internet search reveals) and would be more readilly available..
  7. miki

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    I was thinking that i'd like to be that consistent that i'd notice too
  8. miki

    zeroing a mil/mil scope

    1 Mil is 3.6" @ 100yds or 91.44M - 109.36Yds = 100M so 1MRAD = 99.998 (say 100)mm - 0.1MRAD = 10mm (+/5mm) @ 100M Are you out in El or Az ? I guess El is easier as you could put a shim under the back or front scope ring, a piece of 35mm film, or Mylar sheet would be ideal.
  9. A picture used to be worth a Thousand words, these days, its only 350 but I think it really helps when selling...
  10. Your photos need to be reduced in size (probably). 1280 x 1024 is as large as most peoples pc screen and will show lots of detail at less than 1MB ... Is the shotgun a 12 or 20 bore ?
  11. Found this on t'internet ... it looks complicated
  12. miki

    member status

    Its just the polite British way of indicating that you're now old. Welcome to the club. As the newest member it's your turn to get the drinks ...
  13. miki

    Measuring Case Volume

    Yeast from Lidl and strong flour from Costco (the last 18Kg bag) in Edinburgh..... pm me your address and i'll send you a yeast

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