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  1. Hi Re-Pete, I'll take 2 boxes of .20 cal 32grain SBK's if still available. PM me your preferred payment options. Atb
  2. I'll take: 96 Berger 40 grn £20 + postage 300 Nosler 50grn BT £45 + postage If still available please.
  3. I'll take the 32grn Nosler BT's if still available please.
  4. I'll take these please Lee, PM me your preferred payment details and I'll make the necessary arrangements. Atb
  5. I'll take the 250 40grn Nosler BT varmint and 35grn Hornady NTX please.
  6. I'll take the 590/595 synthetic stock if still available please, or would you do a deal for both the synthetic and laminate?
  7. Chaz, I've a fairly basic one sat around that your welcome to borrow for a few months as it's a good cause, rechargeable battery pack , SD card slot , etc but no instructions so you would have to play with it to familiarize yourself with it's controls. PM me if you want to discuss further. Jeff
  8. I'll take both boxes posted for £45 please if still available.
  9. I'll take the AIM Tactical Cheekpiece if still available please?
  10. I've clearly over priced this brass and as it's surplus to my requirements and taking up space any takers at £23.00 per 100 delivered?
  11. Having a clear out and have 500 of the above for sale: £30.00 per 100 delivered These have not been re-sized/deprimed
  12. I'll take this please, let me have your payment details.
  13. I'll take this if still for sale, pm me your payment details. Atb

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