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  1. For sale: Lee reloading dies 38 special/357magnum. 3 die set. Including shell holder. Bought second hand and in good condition. Powder through expander die bought new and only used once. Set not in its original box. £25 delivered Thanks for looking
  2. Uberti long barrelled revolver £250 without reloading dies. Probably the cheapest long barrelled revolver in the UK.
  3. Uberti Buntline long barrel revolver in 38 special/.357 magnum. Used but in good condition. Includes Lee reloading dies. £300
  4. Magpul Moe pistol grip still for sale. £15 posted. For sale elsewhere.
  5. For sale, some AR15 items that are surplus to requirements. 1 x Magpul 30 round EMAG (windowed, black) 5.56/.223 excellent condition £17 Sold 1 x Magpul 20 round PMAG (black) 5.56/.223 very good condition £13 Sold 1 x Magpul BAD lever, very good condition £20 Sold 1 x Magpul MOE pistol grip, black, very good condition £15 posted Sold Thanks for looking.
  6. Genuine Aimpoint 30mm low picatinny rail mount for sale. Taken off an Aimpoint Comp M2. Selling as want the Aimpont set up on a high mount for my AR15. In good condition, although does have some small marks on the anodising. £25 posted.
  7. Still for sale. Reduced to £325 and will throw in a box of 50 .38 special cartridges. Also for sale elsewhere.
  8. For sale, my Remington 700 SPS Tactical (20" Barrel) .308 in a HS Precision stock. Including Third Eye Tactical muzzle brake and sound moderator. Tactical bolt knob and 20 MOA rail. Scope, rings and bipod not included. Although would consider selling at a package for the right price. Selling as do not get the chance to shoot it enough. Thanks for looking. £750
  9. Thanks for these. There seems to be a few potential options then. I would be interested to see the new Lantac 9mm straight pull. Although still dreaming of a 9mm Straight pull AK
  10. Thanks for the replies. A couple of interesting options there. I think I will get in touch with Baldie and seek his opinion.
  11. I thought a few people on here would be. I would love an AK in straight pull 9mm personally.
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