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  1. Machinexl

    Defiance in Creedmoor.

    This is a great looking rifle
  2. Pm on its way re the 20rd colt mag
  3. Machinexl

    Left handed

    Figure out his eye dominance and thatll be his best side to shoot from. im left handed and left eye dominant luckily. However the military had me shooting right handed (sa80). It wasnt as hard as i thought it would be to learn to shoot the wrong hand. i dont own an left handed guns. Ive always owned right handed. The only time i have any issue is working a bolt on a right handed gun from my left shoulder while standing or kneeling. I kind of have to hold the weight of the whole gun from my trigger hand. best advice would be to let him try it all ways and see what he is comfortable doing.
  4. Message sent re the large camo one
  5. Was a pleasure doing business with you, great rifle, great comms and very smooth transaction!
  6. In the forces i used the issue peltor over ear passive type but you end up lifting one off so you can hear people talking etc- then you end up with tinnitus! when i started civi shooting i bought some peltor s6 tactical which are fairly comfortable, affordable (£70ish) and fairly low profile. about 2 years ago i upgraded to some MSA sordin supreme pro x- in my opinion the best there is! I recommend them to all the new shooters i teach. However they arnt cheap at about £200. as some others have said, in the ear types leave you open to hearing damage still
  7. Machinexl

    Look over the hedge.

    Crap quality tho!
  8. Sorry, i missed your post. thanks for the offer but im only looking for a 6.5 creedmoor.
  9. Hi all, i have a lee 3 die set that is surplus to requirements. Its well used but still has plenty of life left in it! £22.50 posted!
  10. Now comes with a brand new Fobus dual mag holster. Ill upload a pic later!

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