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  1. I will look into this. I do have smallbore and full bore but more interested in the full bore side of it! Hmm I work in Itchen abbas, but live down hedge end. Sounds like a promising club. Is there much of a waiting list? I live in hedge end. I will look at the dates and head down when there next open I reckon then!! Hopefully the back log isn't to big ha
  2. Moved to Southampton last year and looking to join a local rifle club. Sent an enquiry to the club secretary concerning joining over a month ago but have yet to receive any sort of contact. Is there any members of the club on the forum. And if so could they point me in the rite direction for getting hold of someone at the club as email doesn't seem to work. Cheers Tom
  3. Got a steyr ssg69 308 barrel has been cut down to 19" with a ase ultra jet z compact hanging off the end. Lovely rifle to shoot, and very accurate, my main issue is excessive flex in the fore stock when using bipod. Seeing as aftermarket stocks are pretty much nonexistent I'm looking to improve the current stock. Anyone on here have any expetience reducing flex in synthetic stocks? Cheers Tom
  4. applying for my first FAC, but somewhat stuck for my referees. im originally from devon but now live in dorset. because of this majority of my good friends live at least 90 miles away. i currently live with the family of two lads who i went to college with and have known them and the family for at least 8 years, including of there GFs who i also went to college with. am i correct in thinking that even though i live with them they are suitable for referees. both of them including there dad who i have known for the same time all have FACs, and have done for as long as i have known them. basically would any of the 4 options be acceptable for my referees. also one of the forms is called a continuation sheet, on this do i write about reasons for wanting each calibre, and also that i have my DSC1, and what experience i have with shooting and handling firearms? cheers tom
  5. Basically I am helping a friend with sorting out his rifle. It is zeroed in at 100 yards and is shooting roughly .5 on a good day. Rifle is a cz550 .308 and scope is a Nikon monarch 6-24x50 The intent is to stretch the legs out to roughly 500. Worked out the bullet drop and moa for adjusting on the scope but the most we can adjust is 2 moa. It was difficult enough to get scope mounts in the first place but the current ones are QD warne mounts. What are his options for getting more adjustment? Cheers Flash
  6. Flash

    Any Here from OZ?

    I'm in oz at the moment, and have been here for nearly 2 years, done a fair bit of shooting over here. May be able to answer a few questions or ask my boss if I can't answer them for you.
  7. Reloading for a savage axis but can't seem to get it to group well with current load. Remington brass, 55gn spitzer, cci small rifle primer and 24gn ADI benchmark 2(australian powder) Anyone using this rifle care to share there preferred load. Cheers Flash
  8. Flash

    Deer legal ar15 calibres?

    Do you get any extraction issues with it, also who built it?
  9. Flash

    Deer legal ar15 calibres?

    Just wondering what options there are if you wanted to go down the route of a deer legal ar15 style rifle in the uk. Obviously 223 would be fine on CWD and muntjacs, but what calibre could you successfully run through a one of these rifles that is deer legal. Cheers Tom
  10. Flash

    New to the forum

    Hi guys, been lurking and reading for a while and decided to sign up. The knowledge available seems vast so definitely hoping to learn. Don't currently have my fac, but I've been shooting full bore and rim fire since I was 9 with my dad, 23 now. Getting my travelling bug out of my system at the moment, been in oz and Nz for the past 11 months farming but getting my fac as soon as I'm back in September. Been saying ill get it for years but just never had the spare cash to warrant it. As soon as I get it, I'm hoping to get in contact with DCR as there only 10 miles down the road from the home farm! Sorry if it was a bit long winded! Cheers Tom

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