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Pretty much what others have recommended, but Tiptron carbon rods are worth considering as the roller bearsings appear to last longer than Pro shot (in my experience)


Id also add that the alloy or stainless jags are far superior and give "no show / no false indication of copper)

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I’ve got a stainless steel pro shot rod and matching spear patch jag and I use the pro shot square pre cut patches for my calibre .22250

i find that it’s hard and very tight to insert the rod into the chamber and the initial part of the barrel - especially with a wet patch 

I also find that the jag has loosened its self a full turn from the rod aswell once it’s been through the full length of the barrel 

FYI I do use a borefuide and hold the cleaning rod by the handle aswell


can anyone give me an insight onto why this is happening?


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My 243 does this, try putting the patch off centre, try a different shape of patch. For instance, round patches pierced off centre seem to pass through a lot easier than square cut patches that are virtually impossible to push through. You could also try an alternative jag design/shape to see if that helps. 

The jag unwinding is common throughout all my rifles though, just check and retighten after giving the rod a wipe. 

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Thanks for that mick 

the loop style jag is a lot easier to push through even with the same size patch and that won’t come loose 

i will try putting the patch on off centre or maybe even trimming it down abit?

hopefully will make it easier 

i may also buy a new spear jag as my current may have a sque-wiff thread 

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I get the same thing so simply cut my patches down until you don't need the strength of a silver-back gorilla to push them through which also increases the chances of bowing the rod, (bore guide or not,)and makes it easier to control the rod near the crown.  I use Pro-shot stainless and Tipton Carbon rods.  Pro-shot are more rigid and my preferred cleaning rod.

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