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F-Class 2017 World Championships in Canada

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The warm-up lap is over. Results of the Nationals can be found here:




Nice shooting Joe, Jason, Gary, Richard(s), Mik, Ian, Dean and all. Strong representation from Canada, the USA, RSA and Oz with predominantly European competitors from the UK, Germany and the Ukraine.


The World Champ Individuals start today so hold center or thereabouts.



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No time. Just moved office and was stuck in Asia on business last week.


Maybe some of the lads over in Canada will chip in shortly but today is the last day of the individuals with two grueling 2+20s shoots at 900m which could swing the results considerably.


The GBFCA lads are doing well in Open with three (almost in the Top 25 and Paul (Sandie) is 3rd. In TR, Tim (Stewart) is out there on his lonesome and hanging on in 12th position.

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Preliminary grand aggregate results for the Individuals:




Paul Sandie continued to hang in, dropped to 4th after yesterday's first 900m shoot, and then returned to take Silver in Open. Great shooting Paul and congrats! In FTR, David Rollafson took 18th in probably some extremely tricky conditions.


Good luck to all in the team matches.

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Superb result for Paul,


Notice Dorg did very well too and Mik,


Any results from the Team Shoot yet?

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Yup - Team GB in 5th place for Open and FTR but not too far behind a medal........

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Fab job , well done to all those who made the trip

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Only yesterday's national team aggregates are available:




Rutland scores haven't been posted yet. (Edit: Now available):




All individual scores per shoot from Wednesday can be found on the left side here:




Some scores were sub-60. Conditions must have spiked sometime during tfhe 900m shoot.


In Open, it's very close for 3rd place between South Africa, the USA and the UK with only three points separating them. The Canadians seem to have a clear home advantage and the Aussies could take silver, but it ain't over yet. In FTR, South Africa and the UK are running neck to neck in 4th and 5th place and those Aussies are leading the race.


Good shooting to all and go for it GB.


PS: Check out the GBFCA daily blog in Facebook as well:



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Sadly, no medals for GB If I've done my back on an envelope arithmetic right adding the two days' aggs, we get:




Australia ......... 3,511

Canada .......... 3,506

USA ................ 3,500

South Africa ... 3,484

GB ................. 3,483






USA .............. 3,400

Australia ....... 3,394

South Africa . 3,376

Canada .........3,359

GB ................ 3,349



Very high scores shot today with USA taking both classes on the daily aggregate and by a big enough margin in FTR to overtake Australia for Gold and to steal Bronze off South Africa in 'Open'.


Australia was just behind the USA in 'Open' and made a big enough gap over Wednesday's winner Canada to take Gold.

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That sums it up Laurie. Both Australia and South Africa were generally strong contenders and the USA did very well in both classes during the last shoot at 900m.


The final aggregates for the team matches can be found in the last two files on the right:



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Yes, USA did tremendously well yesterday in both classes taking FTR Gold in the final 900M match. Three US F-Open shooters scored possibles - 225 points - in yesterday's aggregate, and two more only dropped a single point. Some of the V-counts were astronomic (four Americans with over 30 Vs including Kevin Hill's 225.36v out of 45 shots, an 80% retention rate in a half-MOA circle at 700/800/900 Metres). That is some standard of shooting and wind coaching!


I should add to my summary that there were some other countries / teams. No disrespect, rather it was late at night and I did the extraction and addition for places down to where GB was. (Odd that the DCRA didn't produce aggregate figures themselves on their Results page.)

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