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Scope warranty

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I'm getting the bits ready for my next build and I'm wanting to keep it as close to my current rifle as possible.


My current scope is a March 10-60 so I've started looking at another and I didn't realise how pants the warranty is with them. 5 years original owner only! My stalking scopes were all Swaro and they were brilliant if there were any issues and a fraction of the cost of a high end comp scope.


I've looked to see what the NF warranty is like but anyone had any dealings with a NF warranty claim.


Ive heard about the Vortex and how they stand by their products so why don't the others?!

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Vortex warranty-none better.

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Nightforce warranty is 100% If in the event of you managing to break a scope they will fix it for you. The only issue is with the wait time involved for the export to and from the USA, This is neither the fault of Nightforce or the Uk importer but is down to the hoops that must be jumped through. Once Nightforce receive the scope it is repaired in quick time.


Kind regards Bob.

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If you are buying some thing and expecting it to fail I suppose this would be a priority?


Last time I looked S&B was 2 years, are the even more 'pants' ;)


I believe 5 years is an imposed duration on March, think if you ask the distributor they go past this ( plus you are talking to someone who actually shoots in March UK).


But back to this concept of using the warranty to define your choice of product and the OP's criterior of buying a cheaper brand for a better warranty then you'd drive a Kia, which is a much larger spend on something you'd use every day to go to work ( to earn money) or entrust the safety of your wife and children to etc - yes? is this how you choose your car.


Think the old 'warranty' thing is a bit over rated personnaly?




ps my wife has a Kia and I drive another make, the Kia is brilliant ( much better than expected) but I'd not swap my car for it and it only has a years warranty

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I like the fact that Vortex back the quality of their products enough to offer a lifetime, no hassle guarentee.


If they built rubbish then the cost of their returns policy would have bankrupted them by now! That level of confidence and their excellent customer care service is why I currently own three Vortex scopes and am saving for a fourth!

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Quantity of production allows lifetime guarantees, as per Leupold's lifetime guarantee. If you are making scopes by the bucket load in various locations at a good mark up then going out the back and grabbing a new one out of the bucket, replacing one that (might have) failed is a simple business decision/philosophy and great marketing, cannot argue with that.


But in the end it is personnal choice as to how you look at a scope or anything for that matter, 'if' the guarantee is high on your list then that will drive your choice. As per my original comments, this would mean you are driving a Kia/Hyundai then, as this is a much more important financial/operational spend than a scope for fun - (if your not then I'd cough and mutter 'non sequitur' :) )


Me, I'll chose things by different criteria which would vary with each product being considered, a washing machine then yes guarantee counts, a scope, nah, good glass, good solid adjustment, size, no silly name or turrets the size of bean cans or gimmicks, then who was the UK support.



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My logic tutor advised that valid non sequiturs did not need a guarantee. :-)

(BIt like 2+2=4).....if it's invalid,we are doomed....or maybe blessed...different world anyhow.


Prof Tversky: psycho-logically,humans are less rational than they think,especially on risk/probability assessment.


No doubt business models cottoned on ,before Tversky changed economic mega theories.



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A fault developed with my Sightron SIII. I contacted John of Aimfield Sports, who was the supplier then. He requested I post it to him so he could send it to Sightron for repair. Three weeks later it was back in my hands. No charge. Great service from John and Sightron.

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I can't fault Nightforce. After 4 years of use I encountered a problem with my rifle. After exploring all possibilities it came down to only the scope left. I was told by the gunshop to contact the importer, in this case RUAG who informed me to send it to them, who then sent it on to Nightforce. I was provided with contact details of the person who was repairing/checking my scope and was keep informed via Email. The whole process took approximately 8 weeks and the scope was returned to me directly from Nightforce, with a full diagnostic report. All free of charge as advertised in their lifetime guarantee. No receipts or proof of purchase was requested.

That's a great service and a quality guarantee.




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