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  1. richard griffith

    bes thermal handheld spotter

    Quantum lite 30 for a bout £1300 is all you need.Its the budget version but excellent for foxing and deer spotting.A real game changer.Easily spots foxes at 4/500 yards.Does not have all the bells and whistles but who needs them.Richard.
  2. richard griffith

    Drone pro on Sako 591

    Thanks for the advice gents.Richard.
  3. richard griffith

    Drone pro on Sako 591

    Evening Gents.Has Anyone experience of the above proposed combination.At present scope is on rifle but I seem to recall that the action,unlike a Tikka is not tapped for a rail.Any help/advise would be appreciated.Richard.
  4. richard griffith

    Carriage of air guns in uk

    Gents.I have sold an airgun(not fac) but cannot get any carrier to accept even TNT.Any other option for sending this legally in U.K.?How does rfd to rfd work.Any help would be appreciated.Richard.
  5. Ok thanks Nigel.Good luck with the sale Richard.
  6. Looking for exactly this but have a scope to sell first.By chance are you prepared to consider a swap with cash difference for a Zeiss Diavari 6x24x56?regards Richard.
  7. richard griffith

    Time between shots when testing loads for a deer rifle

    In my experience no more that 3 shots.I had a 22.250 that was pretty accurate but the 4th shot always moved 11/2 inch off target.When cooled down accuracy returned.That was a basic standard thin barrel.Richard.
  8. richard griffith

    £999.99 scope budget - what ?

    Used Zeiss,Swarovski,Khales,S&B.Richard.
  9. richard griffith

    Small primers, Palma brass etc

    No problems at all Hobit.In fact it's very smooth much better than my custom Sako 22.250.Richard.
  10. richard griffith

    Small primers, Palma brass etc

    Hobbit.I have a Tikka 595 which was originally 308.This has been rebarreled into a 6.6x47 which uses small primers and have no problems at all.regards Richard.
  11. richard griffith

    Range finder

    Zeiss PRF 8x26 a few months old.Virtually as new.PM if interested.Richard.
  12. Zamberlan Gortex Boots with Vibram sole.Size 8 (42).Worn only 3/4 times and too small.Cost £140 looking for £60.Advertised elsewhere.
  13. richard griffith

    Barrel cleaning advise please

    forget the bore snake for the reasons/experience quoted.Also could easily damage crown.Rod is the way to go.Richard.
  14. richard griffith


    If you are not a reloader and want to keep the calibre reasonably light then you are restricted with a short action Tikka-6x55 is a long action.If you were to reload then this opens up more possibilities such as 6mmbr Lapua 6.5x47etc.Is the 260 too big as already mentioned a real contender.As regards rebarrel about £700 is a ball park figure.Cant figure out if you are in North Wales that Callum is just up the road in Aberdeenshire!!!Other options for you, all with good track records Baldie on this forum Brockand Norris North Midlands or Steve Kershaw in Howden Yorkshire.Good luck.Richard.

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