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  1. Ralpharama

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    That was a really interesting explanation. Me, I am competing with no one, save myself and within 0.1 grain is fine. In my experience, the vagaries of winds at 1000yards make a shed load more error than a few minute fractions of an MOA caused by a kernel or two up or down in a load. I was on a 600metre range (Rogiet Moor) yesterday and we all found that as the wind blew a bit stronger it could shift the bullet as much as half a milli-radian, and it was far from being a windy day and at least it was more or less in the same direction unlike Warminster IR2 when it changes direction all the time. My load chucks the bullet (157gr Lapua Scenar) out the barrel (.308 STR) at 2905FPS which means it'll still be super sonic when it arrives at the target 1000yards away. I use 45.5 grs of RS52. It seems that this is pretty much as hot a load as it safe from the research I have done. I feel any more would put unnecessary wear on the barrel anyway. I feel that the CM Lite probably reduces the errors in my loads sufficiency to make the weak point in my accuracy being my shooting and experience rather than the ammo.
  2. Ralpharama

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    I have picked up on this thread from a link on mine. I have now had the chance to put my CM Lite through its paces. It seems great. I have re-weighed lots of loads but have found them all to be spot on. Occasionally on the very first load, when re-weighed, it is 0.1 under, but after that I have not had one single load that has weighed anything other than 100% accurate, presuming it weighs correctly in the first place. I haven't got a more accurate scale to compare with. I have found that using Unique flake powder with 6.0 gr loads for my .357 is somewhat slow than my ability to complete the rest of the process leaving me to wait for it. Using the 45.5gr of RS52 for .308 is lightening in comparison, so speed seems to vary on powder type.
  3. I tried all the lee volume type dispensers and then a Lyman, but found that they were all unreliable for accuracy when checked on the scales. I was then using the little spoon for a rough start and trickling the rest into the pan of my cheap electronic scale. I decided that I didn't really trust the electronic scale 100%, so I was going to get a balance beam type, but then thought that the automatic trickling type should be both accurate, quick and convenient.
  4. i went for the RCBS chargemaster lite in the end. Assuming it's weighing accurately it seems OK. Measures the powder out faster than I can complete the rest of the operations
  5. I have been getting on well with reloading for my .308win and .357mag. I have pretty much given up on volume measures as whilst they very convenient, they don't seem to be very accurate. I have discovered the unadulterated joy of shooting at 1000yards, but have to make the hottest loads I can to remove the possibility of going trans sonic before reaching the target. Even with a really nice Lyman measure I can't get the weight of powder as accurate as I would like. I have decided that I will bite the bullet (pun intended) and cough up for one of the dispensing scale machines, but the cost seems to vary quite a bit. The RCBS Charge master is double the price of the Lyman Gen 6. Is it so much better? I would be very interested to here the views of experience from you guys, before parting with any more of my hard earned. Cheers
  6. Ralpharama

    reload costs

    I would love to get a copy of the calculation - I have a copy of excel, but am too stupid to be able to program it. I would like to be able to get an idea of what it costs me to feed the .308 and the .357 toy. I would have to keep it hidden from SWMBO as she would take my knackers off and suspend them from her ear lobes! Shooting defo costs me more than I thought it would, but WTF, it gives me pleasure. I also spend a fortune on motorcycles. I don't really care, I only spend what I have. If I'm short I work some more! I get no pleasure from figures on a bank statement and hate the thought of dying with money in the bank I could have enjoyed! As a long term biker I take the view - screw tomorrow, it may never come
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I have ordered a cover for my wildcat from Wildcat. Hopefully it will help.
  8. I have to be honest and say I hate my 'new' mod with a passion. Outside the noise hasn't been a problem with my brake. Since I have been using the mod it has been heating up quite a bit and making it damn near impossible to see the target through the scope after a number of shots. Having talked to quite a lot of people about muzzle brakes, views seem quite polarised; some suggesting they are the work of Satan himself and others who consider them a far better solution than something that generates lots of heat . As an engineer I am concerned about the localised hating up of my precision barrel. I do accept that being close to someone shooting with a brake I'd less than pleasant, so think that I may take a view on the day as to the proximity overs other when deciding on what to fit. Being a sociable soul ,I think asking those around me it they mind me using the brake is probably going to be the best for me. I am, however, interested in the mention of a mod cover. No one has mentioned it to me, when I have been discussing the problems I have encountered when using the mod and I have never seen such a thing for sale. I should very much like to hear more.
  9. Thanks for the tip Al. Had one delivered yesterday and took it to Severnside to evaluate today. Bloody brilliant! Really easy to put together and rock steady. I was shooting better groups than I did previously prone, so not only have a saved the neck ache but it's improved my accuracy Can't recommend this bench strongly enough!
  10. I'm loving it there; I really like Richard - he's a real character, though I have realised he's very choosy about who he likes, I was lucky Had to be towed out on my second visit, so had to buy a cheap 4x4! Want to go tomorrow, though it's looking a tad windy at 2:00 16-17 gusting 28-30. Not sure if it's viable? Wanted to try my new slot together bench thing that should arrive today!
  11. As I said above, I am new to the sport and am getting very varied responses to the use or muzzle brakes. I have been told by keen target shooters that a muzzle brake is the perfect answer to accuracy and recoil, though they did say that at places like Bisley where people shoot closely packed one can be unpopular with one. As for looks; to me my tactical rifle is pig ugly and I would far rather have a lovely walnut stock as in a hunting rifle, but I crave accuracy and so have bought what I have bought. I can't see what odds the thing hanging on the end of the barrel makes. Brakes are quite spectacular in the tunnel at my local range though! Fun for spectators, especially 300 win mags and bigger, but horrid to shoot next to! The reason I didn't meg a mod straight away was that A&S FL forgot to put the requested mods on my ticket, so I had to reapply.
  12. I have to be honest, I was a tad wounded by the accusation of sarcasm. It was most definitely not intended; I did genuinely buy the mod as a direct result of your post - the last thing I want to do is piss folk off, particularly at a range I frequent. At my local indoor 50m range I have experienced the unpleasant effects of sitting to the side of someone with a large caliber rifl, particularly a 300 win mag, with a muzzle break. I have been to Caldicott quite a number of times now and have never had no negative comments and no one suggested I should have a mod. People have been shooting with 30cal rifles with breaks near me and it didn't seem especially bad being outside. The only time I have had to share a firing position there I did ask the other chap if he minded and he replied that it didn't bother him in the slightest. I am new to the sport and have found that opinions on muzzle brakes seem to be as polarised as everything else in this sport.
  13. Lest I piss you off at Severnside, assuming I haven't already, I am now in possession of a used Wildcat Predator 8 mod. For a hundred quid I just had to machine the dacron bit at the back to fit over my rather plump barrel - five minutes on my lathe. If the wind moderates (intentional pun) I'll give it a try at Severnside on Saturday, along with my new portable shooting bench. Thanks for all the comments; from my researches it seems that Muzzle brakes are best unless you're annoying folk in, which case it's best to stick on a mod.
  14. Happy New Year everyone! I like the idea of quieting my Sabatti .308win STR down a bit with a moderator. It currently has a muzzle break that it came with, but it does bark a bit and it has been suggested to me that there might be situations where the hot air etc that flies out each side of the MB might piss folk off at some ranges. At my indoor range I get a mixed response to it varying from awe to being told I'm an antisocial git! At Severnside I have had no negative comments, save a teenage girl who commented it was very noisy (wasn't sure whether her comment was appreciative or negative, but i have long since lost the ability to speak teenese) I picked up a moderator for my .22 for buttons from my local RFD, but he had nothing for the STR. All the ones I have seen have been very expensive on-line. I'm not 100% sure but I think the barrel is 5/8" x 24 UNEF, though this was gleaned from Sabatti's web site which isn't necessarily correct.

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