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  1. They seem to be allowing the vehicles to drop off kit at the 1000yards firing point now, but only John's RR can stay, the other go outside the fence.
  2. Ralpharama

    .300 win mag brass

    The above says it all. Once fired would be grand :) Cash waiting :)
  3. Mystery solved! My club has a Labradar and I have now check my .308 against it with the ammo I had been testing with my Chrony and it seems mine was telling the truth. The Labradar is clearly a much better piece of kit and far easier to set up, but it proved that my Chrony is accurate enough for load development, providing one takes the time to set it up properly. I am not well heeled enough to spend big bucks on a chronograph, so am happy with what I'v got. I did see a fellow trying to use a magneto chronograph in our 50m tunnel and give up in the end as he couldn't get any useful data from it; maybe it didn't like the dark?
  4. "magnetospeed" is bit bit pricey for me! The Chrony will have to do. I used it again last and found that the information was useful. ON my load development for 1000m, I had to stop at 45.5gr of RS52 as the bolt started to get slightly tighter opening and a very slight polishing of the back if the case, which gives me a safe maximum of 45gr it seems, regardless of MV. I'll have to empty out the 46s! I'll have to save my pennies for a .300win mag, certainly can't afford to feed a .338 lap !
  5. Following the instructions with my new Chrony, I carefully measured the 10' to the front of the chronograph. When my mate measured my gun before I think he had his Chrony much closer than 10' and was using different lighting.
  6. IR2 is 1000 yards and my 167gr Scenars worked a treat there. I am trying to pep up my rounds to shoot 1000 metres at Sennybridge J3A and hopefully get them to the target before going transsonic.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Both chronographs were Chronys, not sure which model my mates is, but is essentially the same. We have LED lighting in the tunnel, though it's pretty dim in front of the firing point. We were both using LED 'extra' lighting so there shouldn't be any pulsing or flickering associated with fluorescent lighting. Mine seemed to be giving consistent readings. I fired five rounds of SK Match .22 RF though my Anchulz 54 Super Match which read average as 1043 fps before using the .308; if it wasn't set up 100% 12p a round is more palatable than the cost of .308 rounds :) Do those readings sound about right?
  8. Some time back I used a friend's Chrony to give me an idea of my MV before taking my .308 to Warminste IR2 1000yards. We used it in the 50 metre tunnel at MNTSC. He had some led lights rigged, though I suspect the lights were only borderline strong enough as it was quite temperamental. The 'hot load' I had made (45.5gr RS52, Lapua Scenar 167gr, S&B primer) gave an MV of 2905 fps which seemed great. I dialled all the data into StrelokPro on my iPhone and was on the paper with elevation. Well chuffed! I have since joined Offas Dyke and had signed up for Sennybridge J3A, which was sadly cancelled. In an attempt to get my bullets to stay supersonic at 1000metres I made some new rounds using Lapua Scenar-L 175gr and upped the propellant to 145gr. Rather than bothering my friend I invested in a new Chrony Alpha Master. I fabricated up a set of lights to run off a motorcycle battery for use in the rather dark 50metre tunnel. On Sunday morning I took my new hot loads and new toys to the tunnel Andy was disappointed to find my MV to be only averaging 2450fps. Last night I took my original loads up to club and measured them and they averaged 2665.5fps, somewhat lower than the measurements by my friend. I would have assumed that the original measurement was spurious, were it not that using it with StrelokPro put me on the paper at Warminster IR2. Can anyone make any suggestions?
  9. Ralpharama

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    That was a really interesting explanation. Me, I am competing with no one, save myself and within 0.1 grain is fine. In my experience, the vagaries of winds at 1000yards make a shed load more error than a few minute fractions of an MOA caused by a kernel or two up or down in a load. I was on a 600metre range (Rogiet Moor) yesterday and we all found that as the wind blew a bit stronger it could shift the bullet as much as half a milli-radian, and it was far from being a windy day and at least it was more or less in the same direction unlike Warminster IR2 when it changes direction all the time. My load chucks the bullet (157gr Lapua Scenar) out the barrel (.308 STR) at 2905FPS which means it'll still be super sonic when it arrives at the target 1000yards away. I use 45.5 grs of RS52. It seems that this is pretty much as hot a load as it safe from the research I have done. I feel any more would put unnecessary wear on the barrel anyway. I feel that the CM Lite probably reduces the errors in my loads sufficiency to make the weak point in my accuracy being my shooting and experience rather than the ammo.
  10. Ralpharama

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    I have picked up on this thread from a link on mine. I have now had the chance to put my CM Lite through its paces. It seems great. I have re-weighed lots of loads but have found them all to be spot on. Occasionally on the very first load, when re-weighed, it is 0.1 under, but after that I have not had one single load that has weighed anything other than 100% accurate, presuming it weighs correctly in the first place. I haven't got a more accurate scale to compare with. I have found that using Unique flake powder with 6.0 gr loads for my .357 is somewhat slow than my ability to complete the rest of the process leaving me to wait for it. Using the 45.5gr of RS52 for .308 is lightening in comparison, so speed seems to vary on powder type.
  11. I tried all the lee volume type dispensers and then a Lyman, but found that they were all unreliable for accuracy when checked on the scales. I was then using the little spoon for a rough start and trickling the rest into the pan of my cheap electronic scale. I decided that I didn't really trust the electronic scale 100%, so I was going to get a balance beam type, but then thought that the automatic trickling type should be both accurate, quick and convenient.
  12. i went for the RCBS chargemaster lite in the end. Assuming it's weighing accurately it seems OK. Measures the powder out faster than I can complete the rest of the operations
  13. I have been getting on well with reloading for my .308win and .357mag. I have pretty much given up on volume measures as whilst they very convenient, they don't seem to be very accurate. I have discovered the unadulterated joy of shooting at 1000yards, but have to make the hottest loads I can to remove the possibility of going trans sonic before reaching the target. Even with a really nice Lyman measure I can't get the weight of powder as accurate as I would like. I have decided that I will bite the bullet (pun intended) and cough up for one of the dispensing scale machines, but the cost seems to vary quite a bit. The RCBS Charge master is double the price of the Lyman Gen 6. Is it so much better? I would be very interested to here the views of experience from you guys, before parting with any more of my hard earned. Cheers
  14. Ralpharama

    reload costs

    I would love to get a copy of the calculation - I have a copy of excel, but am too stupid to be able to program it. I would like to be able to get an idea of what it costs me to feed the .308 and the .357 toy. I would have to keep it hidden from SWMBO as she would take my knackers off and suspend them from her ear lobes! Shooting defo costs me more than I thought it would, but WTF, it gives me pleasure. I also spend a fortune on motorcycles. I don't really care, I only spend what I have. If I'm short I work some more! I get no pleasure from figures on a bank statement and hate the thought of dying with money in the bank I could have enjoyed! As a long term biker I take the view - screw tomorrow, it may never come
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I have ordered a cover for my wildcat from Wildcat. Hopefully it will help.

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