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  1. In a brief moment of non-skintness, I splashed out on a PMII 12-50 x 56 which was heavily discounted. It has been suggested to me that I should buy a sun shade for it. Why something as apparently necessary as this is not included with a £2K scope I really don't understand, particlarly when my Nikko Sterling 10-50 x 60 did at £625. The only ones I have seen for sale are in the region of sixty quid, which seems a bit strong for a tube they presumably mass produce on a CNC lathe. Do I need to bend over and assume the position in front of the S&B vultures, or are there pattern ones available with a less painful price tag. I'm not mad keen on the flip up covers; can anyone recommend somewhere to get some ordinary ones? Thanks Ralph
  2. Ralpharama

    223 rifle choice - what ????

    Hi Bob. Edgar Bros were doing a package with the stock, I liked it very much and whilst I also like the GRS stock also it would have been far more expensive I believe. I am very happy with what I have. Much nicer than the standard CZ, but at the end of the day it's what lights your candle it is my Swan Vesta
  3. Ralpharama

    CZ527 Single Set Trigger

    I have just bought a 527 in .223 with forme rifle stock and I love the trigger. I'm using Sierra MAtchking 69r with 25gr of RS52. Love it!
  4. Ralpharama

    223 rifle choice - what ????

    This is the rifle I have just bought. I ran it in properly and now have been finding it a really great gun to shoot. I've put a Nikko Sterling 10-50 x 60 scope on it. The weather has been too shitty since I got it to shoot outside but on the 50 metre tunnel at club I managed to but the last four 69gr Sierra Matchking through the same hole It has a cracking set trigger that works a treat. I first saw it at the shooting show at NEC and fell in lurve with the trigger and comfort, not to mention it's good looks. I'm not sure want you would want a lazy twist, as it limits you to small gurlie bullets. Ideally I wanted 8:1 but this was 9:1 and spins the 69gr bullets a treat. The cheao 55s I ran it in which were nothing like as accurate It's a CZ527 with forme rifle stock and can be ordered from Sportsman from Edgar Bros.
  5. I have been shooting longish range with my Sabatti .308 STR. I initially was advised to use Lapua 167gr Scenars and chose to us RS52 powder. Experimentation arrived at an optimum (hot) load of 45.5grs. These would get me OK results at 1000yards. I then tried the 175gr Lapua Scenar-Ls and used a max of 45grs of RS52. These were massively more accurate and the slight increase in price for the longer 175gr bullets was a price well worth paying. I have now bought a 300 win mag Sabatti for the 1000+ yard ranges and use the .308 for the 600yard ranges where it excels. I use Sierra Matchking 195gr for the 300 win mag with 70grs RS70. I love RS powders
  6. Have updated this advert and dropped the price. Open to sensible offers.
  7. Don't suppose you fancy a .357 Marlin? I want a scope, but have just spent my last pennies on a rifle LOL
  8. Marlin .357magnum / .38 Special Underlever Rifle Model 1894CS This is one that was manufactured by Marlin before they got eaten by another manufacturer and quality dropped through the floor. The action is in perfect condition and I can honestly say I haven't had a single jam since I have owned the gun. I bought it from another UKV member in January this year and it has been great fun. I am loathe to get rid of such a pretty and fun gun, but want the get another rifle which I can afford without saying adios to this amigo. It should be said that the metalwork doesn't look as good in the photos as it does to the eye. I probably should have given a wipe with gun cleaner, but it does look great in the flesh as it were. It is sold with 400+ cases, most of which have only been fired once (100off full unless I shoot them before the sale), a set of Lee reloading dies, a nearly full box 500off bullets a huge number of primers. When I bought it, I treated it to a new Nikko Sterling scope. I'll also thow in a load of powder - enough to make thousands of rounds. £899. My local RFD says it can be sent for £35, though he can't send primers, live rounds and isn't sure about propellants. I would prefer a face to face transaction though. I can offer a test firing on a Wednesday evening at my local gun club between 7:00pm and 9:00pm I'm looking for a reasonable quality scope (around Bushnell level) for my new .223. I'm looking for mil rad turrets, max zoom of x24 - x30ish and 50mm objective. Would prefer first focal plane but not a deal breaker. Cash either way.
  9. I am looking for a cheap .223 to mainly play with at places like Sennybridge G range, where the .308 and .300 win mag rifles are too easy, yet the .22 and .357Marlin struggle with range. I really like laminated stocks and/or the tactical look. The Massberg MVP seem to be pretty cheap, being offered for around £500 notes second hand with a varmint barrel. I defo don't want a sporting rifle. Howa 1500 with laminated stock look nice as well and seem to be plentiful and the same sort of money. There are lots of Rugers and Remingtons available, but I understand, particularly Rugers, are not especially well made and need a fair bit of work to make them accurate. Any thoughts?
  10. They seem to be allowing the vehicles to drop off kit at the 1000yards firing point now, but only John's RR can stay, the other go outside the fence.
  11. Ralpharama

    .300 win mag brass

    The above says it all. Once fired would be grand :) Cash waiting :)
  12. Mystery solved! My club has a Labradar and I have now check my .308 against it with the ammo I had been testing with my Chrony and it seems mine was telling the truth. The Labradar is clearly a much better piece of kit and far easier to set up, but it proved that my Chrony is accurate enough for load development, providing one takes the time to set it up properly. I am not well heeled enough to spend big bucks on a chronograph, so am happy with what I'v got. I did see a fellow trying to use a magneto chronograph in our 50m tunnel and give up in the end as he couldn't get any useful data from it; maybe it didn't like the dark?
  13. "magnetospeed" is bit bit pricey for me! The Chrony will have to do. I used it again last and found that the information was useful. ON my load development for 1000m, I had to stop at 45.5gr of RS52 as the bolt started to get slightly tighter opening and a very slight polishing of the back if the case, which gives me a safe maximum of 45gr it seems, regardless of MV. I'll have to empty out the 46s! I'll have to save my pennies for a .300win mag, certainly can't afford to feed a .338 lap !
  14. Following the instructions with my new Chrony, I carefully measured the 10' to the front of the chronograph. When my mate measured my gun before I think he had his Chrony much closer than 10' and was using different lighting.

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