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  1. MarkR

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    gruntus, I like your solution to the problem, but I will try the sharpie route first.
  2. MarkR

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    Catch-22, now you tell me...... just discovered that Wet SS Tumbling will remove sharpie colour markings even in the extraction grove. At least I now know that i will have to tumble the segment cases in their respect batches and then re-mark them. I think I need one of these...
  3. MarkR

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    Many thanks to Charlts, lapua, Popsbengo, TC, Tralle, gruntus and terryh for you replies and useful suggestions. In answer to terryh’s question “Out of interest why are you marking the brass, this is not being funny, just interested.” I have 300 off Lapua brass cases (same batch number) which I have already segmented (at least twice previously) into various batches prior to reloading them. Having fired them all at least three times, I now have 270 off cases ready for reloading but unfortunately as they have not been previously marked in any way, I am just about to segment them all again, but this time I wish to make sure I mark them so that they can be easily identified in the future. At this year’s Roundhouse PRL weekends, I did see several competitors with marked brass, so thought I would ask what was available before making something myself.
  4. I wish to mark my 6.5CM brass cases with different colour Fine Point Sharpie's. I have seen a pen holder on a USA based site (which looked like it was 3D Printed) that produces coloured rings. Does anyone know of a UK based supplier/maker of such a device that would hold at least two Sharpie's to speed up the process of marking the brass cases? Thank you.
  5. MarkR

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Barrelsniffer, I only purchased the v3 electronics, which is just a replacement board in the back of the A&D Scales. Unscrewed the old v2 electronics, inserted the new v3 board, re connected up the Auto Trickler and Auto Throw, and switched on - everything worked as before, but the only difference is that you can use Bluetooth to control both the Trickler and Throw motors independently of each other, but more importantly, you can set your target weight with a few clicks on the related App on your Mobile Phone or Tablet. At present I have no need to change the old v2 "Lee Powder Meter" Auto Throw mechanism like John MH is doing because of an RS80 powder problem.
  6. MarkR

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Barrelsniffer, in answer to your question, as I already had Adam's full v2 setup on a set of A&D Scales, with Area 419 Upgrades (like your photo above), all I purchased was the v3 electronics which cost USD $60 plus postage, plus small Customs Charge here in the UK, making a total of £92.57.
  7. MarkR

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Just fitted the v3 Electronics which arrived today - what a difference - money well spent - extremely pleased with the Bluetooth control, it makes setting up the A&D so much simpler with the additional ability to operate the Trickler and Throw independently of each other. https://www.autotrickler.com/v3-upgrade-for-ad.html https://www.autotrickler.com/autotrickler.html
  8. Terry, I maybe able to answer this, the ASE Muzzle Brake is made up of two parts, the part that secures to the barrel on to which the Moderator attaches and locks, and a front ported section which is threaded into the static part attached to the barrel. You can rotate the front ported part to "time" it, which is then secured by a very small grub screw in the static part. 171030 ASE SL7-i cal 30 Adaptor.pdf
  9. The long term plan is to also purchase a 300 Norm Mag Switch Barrel Rifle, so the Magnum Version would have been more cost effective. I will bring my SL7i along for you to see on the 16th, regards MarkR
  10. Terry, I have a SL7i-BL .30 on my 6.5CM Ruger Precision Rifle using a AU761 Muzzle Brake Mount ( 5/8-24 UNEF thread ) and I am very pleased with it. The only regret I have is not buying the .300/.338 version. If you are at The Roundhouse on the 16th/17th March you welcome to view it. I also own two SL5's in .25 and .30 Stalking Rifle barrels, regards MarkR https://www.aseutra.fi/s-series-sl7i-bl-suppressor.html
  11. MarkR


    David, the 19th Edition was published in 1974 - it says that there was a Total Issue of 1,919,000 at that time (since 1914). I think 6-48 must have been so obscure it was dropped from our editions... 😉 My apprenticeship started in August 1971 and finished in August 1975. Most of the time it was hands-on using various machines (lathes, grinding, jig boring, etc.) ending up in the Planning & Estimating department where I remained for 18 months until I was promoted to Staff and became the Companies Chief Engineering Inspector.... that is when I learnt the art of diplomacy.... once an apprentice, always an apprentice. Left engineering in 1987 to manage other people's money....
  12. MarkR


    David, thank you for your precise reply, I didn't see any diameter being referred to and was only putting forward 6BA as a possible suggestion as the number of threads work out at 47.92 TPI. I was given the 19th Edition of the Machinery's Handbook upon finishing my Engineering Apprenticeship many moons ago, and I couldn't find any reference to 6-48 within it. Regards MarkR
  13. MarkR


    I believe that 6x48 could also refer to 6BA (British Association Standard Thread).
  14. I purchased a version four last year from Mark & Sam, happy to measure the width for you. I made up several plywood spacing plates along with a wooden vee block for a rear bag rider to run in/on, this is to help reduce any flexing in the rear support. Not used it beyond 600m yet.
  15. MarkR

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    Update - I have just purchased a new set of FX-120i Grain Scales from Oakleyweigh https://www.oakleyweigh.co.uk/a-d-fx-i-grain-gn-precision-balance.html Oakleyweigh recommended that the tolerances of the M1 Test weights were sufficient to calibrate the FX-120i scales, so I also purchased both 5 gram and 100 gram M1 Stainless Calibration Weights as well.

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