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  1. I have for sale as I no longer need Primers CCI No 400 Small Rifle Primers 920 in the box £35.00CCI No 500 Small Pistol Primers 490 in the box £20.00 S&B Small Pistol Primers 650 in the box £25.00Powders Lovex D032 Previously know as No 2 One tub not open £32.00Unique ( Alliant ) One tub not open ¼ open both £35.00Trail Boss ½ Tub open £15.00 Please note this is ONLY FACE TO FACE Primers and Powder 3 months oldRegards
  2. Morning jockey Forgive me if I'm wrong wasn't this for sale in January last year? G
  3. 6.5 or 6mm BR Target Rifle

    Hi all I am looking for a good used Target rifle in 6.5 or 6mm BR Regards
  4. Morning I am interested, can I please see photo of all the rifle, what distance were your shots at in the last photo Regards
  5. Can I have a photo Please Regards
  6. Up for sale is my Dillon RL 550 Had from new and about 3 years old, will lost of extras Primer feeder not in photos but is still with the sale 3 Die holders ( Dies in photo not included ) 2 shell holders .44 mag and 357/38 2 stands 1 Dillon cleaning kit If you have any questions please ask ? £350.00 ONO
  7. Up for sale is my Marlin .357 / .38 Spl Marlin 1894CS chambered in .357 / .38 Magnum, original JM made in 1996 Pre Remington 18" Micro-Groove barrel with Hunter Scope 4x40 and rail Slight scratch on stock see photo selling with Lee Dies and 200 once fired brass £850.00 OVNO
  8. Morning is this a 6x47 or 6.5x47 regards

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