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  1. Hi So is the scope for sale with the rifle ?
  2. Hi just one more question what’s the scope
  3. MrDuston

    TRG Pic rail

    Hi You can get one from here https://www.alanrhone-store.com/product_info.php?cPath=137_201&products_id=923&osCsid=ohotnccvqvot65c0albqr59rk5
  4. MrDuston

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    Hi Yes, I emailed him last week he is at the Shot Show.
  5. MrDuston

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    HI I got one for my TRG here http://www.phoenixtactical.co.uk/
  6. Hi thank you photos please l will pm you with my email address
  7. Hi what’s the barrel length?
  8. Hi AIM 55 on Optics Warehouse is £159.99 plus postage here is the link https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/aim-55-tactical-drag-bag-159-95/
  9. Hi just after the mod, yes new thy are £225 and what is the cost for the used one you have? Best you pm me. The new ones are colour coded that should be .30 cal in red.
  10. Morning, is the mod going with the rifle?
  11. Hi His name is Terje Andre Fjørtoft and email terje@torva.net I have a Sako TRG and got my Cheek piece from him, it's very good just email him for cost and postage. Regards

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