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  1. MrDuston

    AIM Drag bag

    I have AIM 55 in green used twice
  2. Morning There are quite a few different models which one is it? and a photo.
  3. Morning I am interested what is the barrel length?
  4. MrDuston

    AIM drag bag 55 black

    I have 55 in green , used a couple of times just to long for what I have £140.00
  5. whats round count n barrel twist ?
  6. MrDuston

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Hi all I have an AI in .308 and after a 26” 6.5 barrel
  7. Hi Fox260 I have one for sale for the same price
  8. Hi if the Lapua scenar are in boxes I will have them please
  9. MrDuston

    SEB Mini Rifle Rest

    Hi Any one have a SEB Mini Rifle Rest thy would like to sale?

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