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  1. Hi all SEB Rear Bag For Sale It's about 4 months old now have some thing else £40.00 posted no offers Will not be full when posted Regards G
  2. For Sale Possum Hollow Bore Guid No 37 for the following calibers and actions ONLY Calibers 270, 280m 30-06, 308, 7 IHMSA, 7BR, 7x57, and 8x57. Actions Hall Express, Steyr M, Steyr L, Steyr SSG, Nikko Golden Eagle, and Sako TRG Used a few times on my Sako TRG22 .308 and have now sold it's on. You have any questions please don't hesitate to ask £30.00 posted no offers Regards G
  3. SOLD thanks all for looking
  4. Hi here is the link to the AIM 50 all the information you need is there. https://www.aim-fieldsports.com/shop/aim-50-dragbag/ Regards G
  5. MrDuston

    AIM 55 Drag Bag

    Hi I am selling a AIM 50 in sales and looking for an AIM 55 Regards G
  6. MrDuston

    AIM 55 Drag Bag

    Hi all has anyone got an AIM 55 Drag Bag thy no longer require before I buy a new. Regards G
  7. Hi all Up for sale is my AIM 50 Drag Bag in Green is't about a year old in immaculate condition and now to small for my new Rifle £100.00 Photos to follow I will be at Bisley next Thursday 10 May in the morning if you would like me to bring it a long? Regards G
  8. Evening Richard A big thank you for all the information, I will certainly take on board all the advice everyone has given.

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