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  1. rangey

    hornady once fired 6.5cm brass

    Hi have you managed to count em out yet..
  2. Hi

    any joy with the 6,5cm brass


  3. rangey

    hornady once fired 6.5cm brass

    looking for some hornady 6.5 creedmoor once fired brass anyone got some thy want to move on
  4. rangey

    primers for 6.5 creedmoor

    thanks for all the info I will give spud a call on the pins and try to get hold of some cci450 and feds to try. if no joy on the pins looks like the file and sand paper will get used''' cheers
  5. rangey

    primers for 6.5 creedmoor

    anyone loading 6.5cm lapau brass... just starting to reload for this and would be grateful for advice on which small rifle primers to use in the lapau brass. also just found out that decaping pin in the lee dies is to large for the flash hole..was thinking of just sanding the pin down to fit....anyone done this...don't fancy having to buy a new set of dies
  6. rangey

    mdt lss xl

    have a look on blackrifle site.they do all the mdt lines.
  7. rangey


    Big thanks to Pete at Blackrifles,{major disorder} who sorted me a mdt ess stock for my howa in a week. great bit of kit and very well made,looks better in the flesh than the pictures. dropped straight in but needed to take a few mill off the bolt stop to enable the bolt to come back enough to pick up a round and feed it.5 minute job with a file.now the 10 round mdt mag works a treat.looking forward to getting out and setting it up
  8. howa s/a lefthand stock right hand bolt grs Nordic wolf laminate stock very good condition,just small mark where bipod fits can email photos to you if needed £350 posted
  9. rangey

    BOLT identification help

    put a bit of tape on one bolt handle...easy to spot the difference if in a rush...I do this with my czs
  10. definitely interested could you email me some photos I will pm you my email

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