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  1. topscots1

    New to firearms, have a question.

    22rf is not a 22lr, it is any rimfire calibrate. The 22 wmr, is a good close range fox round. Not the most popular Cali relationship, you can get a real bargain on a quality used rifle
  2. Can’t see the base clearly what rail are they to fit ? Off piccatiny : weaver I’ll take them.
  3. topscots1

    Custom/semi custom 223

    The Remington is still sat doing nothing.
  4. topscots1

    .300 win mag brass

    If you can hold of till december i have maybe 120 sat there federal once fired.
  5. Great target or hunting rifle. Sako quality beyond question very little use selling up a fair few rifles due to a change in circumstances, these are fantastic rifles extremely accurate and a bargain at this price. 2 X 22LR MAGAZINES, 1X 22 MAGNUM MAGAZINE 850 GBP transferred .
  6. Leica Geovid HDR 10 x 42 Binoculars, in Mint condition less than a year old and come boxed as they left the factory, a reluctant sale but the realisation that i will be spending the next few years working more than stalking is a painful one. Reasonably priced i believe at 1500 GBP also open to a part exchange on a lesser range finding Bino vortex Khales E.T.C plus cash my way. Or a good quality long range scope. what have you got, as you can see i have been selling a fair few items over the past few months more than happy to work out a deal for multiple purchases. Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-R 2700 Rangefinder Binoculars. The new Leica Geovid HD-R 2700 models for the first time ever allow linear distance determination of up to 2,700 yards (2,500 metres) . The Leica Geovid HD-R 2700 offers a worldwide unique combination of ABC® ballistic, optical quality and ergonomic design. The ballistic measurement values are available in three output formats: holdover, click adjustment and equivalent horizontal range (EHR). Barometric pressure, temperature and angle are also included in the measurements and calculate the correct point of aim with the highest precision. With a microSD memory card and the Leica ballistic calculator users can import their individual ballistic parameters to their Leica Geovid HD-R 2700 and thus receive measuring data perfectly adjusted to load and calibre.Next to the enhanced distance determination for long distances, both models feature a newly designed LED display, allowing excellent readability of the measured data under any light and weather conditions.Accurate Measurement You like being in the mountains or in low-visibility terrain? Benefit from the innovative functions of the Geovid models. Leica is one of the pioneers in rangefinding and looks back on many years of experience in this field. In hunting, precise distance plays an important role. Leica has constantly developed the range, the ballistics programmes for hunting as well as the optical performance of its rangefinders. In addition, the Geovid models can be handled easily and intuitively. Prior ballistic knowledge is not required.High Class Optics You can look forward to fascinating moments. The Perger-Porro prism system in combination with exotic types of glass provides extremely bright and colour-neutral images with unique plasticity. The wide field of view grants precise scanning of larger areas. The excellent ambient light suppression, resulting from a sophisticated and elaborate system of baffles and light traps, enables uniquely sharp and high-contrast images.Weatherproof Almost all Leica Rangefinders have a water and dirt repellent AquaDura® coating, granting clear vision even in bad weather. The high abrasion resistance protects the valuable optics even more effectively from damage. In addition, the light magnesium body is extremely shock-resistant, and the protective shock-absorbing rubber armouring ensures a comfortable and secure grip.Ballistic System For A Maximum Precise Shot The Geovid HD-B features an extremely long ranging capability of up to 3,000 yds / 2,750 m, Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC®) for all hunting needs, including point of aim correction for various reticles and bullet drop compensators. A microSD memory card allows for the input of the hunter’s own ballistic parameters. All units feature a very bright, clear and easily legible LED display with automatic adjustment to any lighting conditions. Users benefit from an extremely short measuring time of max. 0.3 seconds.Brilliant Optics For Real Life Colours And Maximum Contrast Geovid HD-B units offer sharp, high-contrast images with outstanding depth and plasticity as well as extremely high light transmission and neutral, vivid colours, thanks to Perger Porro prisms. The Aqua Dura Coating - an innovative nano structure coating - prevents dust and dirt from sticking onto the lenses and allows for easy and simple cleaning.Open Ergonomic Bridge Construction For Optimal Comfort Products in the HD-B line feature a simple two-button operation, eyecups with 5 click-stop settings and an open ergonomic bridge construction, which ensures fatigue-free viewing. They are particularly rugged and light with a resilient, fully rubber-armoured magnesium body.The Leica Ballistics programme The Leica ballistics programme performs calculations for the Geovid HD-B (including download of data), the ballistic reticles of the Leica riflescopes as well as the rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) of the Leica riflescopes. This allows the calculation of the target range for almost any kind of ammunition, taking into account many parameters relevant for hunting, such as sighting-in distance, the height of the sight line, temperature and height. For Leica riflescopes with ballistic reticle or rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) you can calculate and print tables for distance as well as click value. In addition, you can calculate individual ammunition loads for the programming of the Geovid HD-B and download the data on a microSD-card.ABC®- Function 1 With the Geovid HD-B's ABC® system, precise distance determination for the point of impact is easier, safer and more accurate then ever before. The binoculars simply display the distance to the target as well as the correction (centimetres or inches) and the required deviation at point blank range.ABC®- Function 2 The point of impact can also be corrected with the Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC). It also displays the number of clicks required to adjust the reticle. Display formats are: 1 MOA, 1/3 MOA, 1/4 MOA, 10 mm/100 m, 5 mm/100 m.ABC®- Function 3 When using a ballistic reticle, fast and safe distance determination is vital for a precise shot. The ABC®- system calculates results for three different correction formats. Thus discerning users are ready for any hunting situation. Whichever you choose, temperature, air pressure and angle of inclination are automatically considered in the calculation.
  7. Looking for an AI long action stock. I am open to other stock styles what is available out there.
  8. topscots1

    300 wm

    Looking for a 300 wm rifle anything considered
  9. Is the golden eagle sfs ?

    1. topscots1


      yes still for sale


  10. he Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 was specifically designed for long-range, F-class, and other competition shooters. The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 comes with a 4x optical zoom, side focus, generous eye relief, and ruggedly constructed single-piece 30mm main tube, will ensure you’re ready for your next match.Competitive shooters require a very specific set of features to stay ahead of the competition, and The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 hits the mark (pun intended). The 15-60x magnification, fine reticle, and positive and repeatable tracking are perfect for fine tuning that record shot. Plus, its relatively light weight—29.5 oz.—allows shooters to adhere to strict competition weight limits. Whether you’re interested in Rimfire Bench Rest, Centerfire Bench Rest, NRA High-Power or F-Class competitions, the Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 is for you. in as new condition 1300 GBP posted to your door.

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