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  1. Could i tempt you with a 300 wm, you could always shoot it out and rebarrel in 6.5
  2. a hectic weekend the rifle has a reprieve until christmas, really needing the slot cleared when i get back offers and trade received.
  3. in to an RFD friday, last chance to grab a bargain or trade up to a fantastic rifle.
  4. topscots1

    RPA rifles

    John, i have bought an RPR woodland stalker, i am looking at fitting it in a pse composite stock. I have not seen the action, is it based on remi shape ? Daft question i know ? But i have fitted,] my bergarra in one and love the stocks
  5. topscots1

    RPA rifles

    I have bought one in 308 hopefully collecting it Thursday. Will let you know how I get on
  6. OK still here, back in the UK Friday Thursday. Open to offers and trades, looking for a LBP, always scopes, thermal spotter or forward clip on. Can't believe this is still sat to be honest, if face to face I will throw in the ammo I have sitting.
  7. topscots1

    WANTED: Used .223 for 600 Yard target work

    Buy lapuas before I buy it back. Incredible rifle. It was my favourite rifle prints hole on hole with very little effort. If I hadn't just bought a new 308 and 22. For the money you will jot find a better rifle. In fact for double the money you still wouldn't find one.
  8. They can be changed, no RFD fee required call up jackson rifles they will talk any one through it. I looked at selling mine the loss and then cost a f buying a ne moderator were extreme. 42 quid and I'll have the thread I require.
  9. topscots1

    Decent .308 wanted

    Rules out mine good luck with the search
  10. topscots1


    Bar. 22 maybe for sale. Drop me a message. If interested
  11. topscots1

    Decent .308 wanted

    Bradley Arms ar 10
  12. Hi, Thank you it is indeed every one wants an AI now all about the sniper in them

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