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  1. he Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 was specifically designed for long-range, F-class, and other competition shooters. The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 comes with a 4x optical zoom, side focus, generous eye relief, and ruggedly constructed single-piece 30mm main tube, will ensure you’re ready for your next match.Competitive shooters require a very specific set of features to stay ahead of the competition, and The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 hits the mark (pun intended). The 15-60x magnification, fine reticle, and positive and repeatable tracking are perfect for fine tuning that record shot. Plus, its relatively light weight—29.5 oz.—allows shooters to adhere to strict competition weight limits. Whether you’re interested in Rimfire Bench Rest, Centerfire Bench Rest, NRA High-Power or F-Class competitions, the Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 is for you. in as new condition 1300 GBP posted to your door.
  2. Calibre 223Remington 700 Action - Badger bolt knob, 20 MOA railShilen Select Match 24 inch 1:12 barrel threaded 1/2 UNFManners MCS-GAT thumbhole stock. Devcon bedded. Seekins front rail. QD and stud rear sling mounts. Removable cheek riser.CG Universal 2 stage match trigger.AICS bottom metal and two 10 round mags.Total round count is only 1450 and the rifle is accurate enough to outshoot more expensive rifles The trigger is the best I have ever used.Adding up the component cost I'd guess it would cost over £2000 to build this now, I will Take 1050 transferred to your RFD Rifle no 2 calibre 223 Timney trigger 1/7 twist barrel shilled match I believe built on a Remington 700 police action large bolt knob unsure of spec, a very hard to find extremely accurate 1/7 twist rifle. Another reluctant sale but needs must a bargain at 875 picturws via email or WhatsApp on request.
  3. topscots1

    TAG HEUER Aquagraph

    Try watchfinder U.K.
  4. Cracking shop give them a call they will do you a good deal. Always beats ordering online
  5. topscots1

    Thumbhole stock for custom build

    Manners, best stock I have used.
  6. topscots1

    Wanted high mag scope

    3.5-21 x 50
  7. topscots1

    Wanted high mag scope

    What do you class as high mag ?
  8. In as new condition with the excellent G2 DMR reticle these are fantastic scopes, currently sat boxed ready to ship to its new owner. A bargain 645 posted....
  9. Change the scope, night force,vortex will both get you out there with good quality glass and the elevation you need. Dependant on the zeiss you have you may be able to work it in to a trade deal.
  10. topscots1


    I’ll clean it the inbox G2 DMR reticle as new condition
  11. topscots1


    mark on the elevation turret otherwise excellent condition age ill get back to you send me an email address for pictures.
  12. topscots1


    1100 the price drop is marked
  13. topscots1


    Price drop, offers any one ?

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