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  1. rwade545

    6.5 questions

    I have a sako 75 6.5x47, throated for 140 grain bullets and friend has a sako 75 6.5 creedmoor with similar throat. Shooting our to 1000y, he has 2 moa less elevation but otherwise nothing in it, wind calls make more of a difference. I am having a 6.5 creedmoor built so can use factory ammo if need be, just something else to think about. Sometimes I just don’t get time to reload.
  2. Have resized a picture to give those asking idea of what stock is, pm me for more pictures. Regards
  3. For those asking it will fit any sako 75 action iii rifle. The barrel channel is standard for the grs stock and has not been modified.
  4. Sako 75 action iii grs stock in green/ grey. Pillar bedded £500 delivered Ono. Pm me an email address for pictures. Regards
  5. Sig Sauer tango 6 3-18x44 MRAD Ffp 30mm tube illuminated reticle with ‘ir’ mode for night vision add on Has a very fine centre dot to reticle. Is very bright and up there with my Swarovski, vortex razor etc for clarity and brightness. Have used it on steel out to 1000y. Looking to switch to a 50x mag for long range precision shooting and for a replacement to a spotting scope combined in one. £650 Ono posted.
  6. Sorry, I’ve just sent payment for it.
  7. Superb condition, spotless and like new, bought new by myself in September 2017. Been on my 6.5x44 for 500 rounds. Honestly the best glass I have looked through to my eyes, and used s&b, vortex, Nightforce, sig, Leupolds. Has illuminated reticle. If you are looking I’m sure you have read all the specs. Only selling as switching to Mrad for all my scopes.£1750 posted with out the scope covers ( these may be available after sale of scope) please no silly offers or time wasters. Genuine Uk scope. Will include original reciept for warranty etc. Pm me contact details for pictures
  8. Sorry steiner is back on my 300wm and no chance at anything close to that price. Sig is still for sale, price remains as advertised. Zeiss also still for sale. Regards
  9. Price dropped , include postage steiner £1225 zeiss v6 £1025 sig tango 6 £715
  10. Will be at shooting show on Saturday if that helps

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