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  1. overspray

    AI mag

    just PM'd you thanks .
  2. overspray

    AI mag

    sorry nothing in my mail box ,just emptied it would you like to try again thanks.
  3. overspray

    AI mag

    Hi I will take both please , If you mail me your bank details I will bacs you the funds many thanks .
  4. overspray

    AI mag

    Yes the AICS mag is what I need, how much would you want for one thanks.
  5. overspray

    AI mag

    forgot that one cheshirelad , 308 would be nice thanks .
  6. overspray

    AI mag

    Hi would any body have a five or ten round AI mag they would part with, need one for my KRG Bravo stocked tikka T3 tried the polymer's but oal to short thanks .
  7. overspray

    2 stage trigger

    wanted 2 stage trigger for rem 700 thanks.
  8. overspray

    2 stage trigger

    Hi looking for a 2 stage trigger for a remmy 700 would like to try one in my Bergara hmr thanks .
  9. Hi Chris is your mail box full ? tried mailing you
  10. overspray


    I have been using ballistol for ages, not really used for barrel cleaning but for case lubing and general cleaning and lubing works great, slippery as a slippery thing
  11. Hi for sale is my Larry Willis collet die , used for removing that bulge above the belt on the 300wm after its been fired several times, great bit of kit six months old now surplus to requirements due to sale of gun looking for £100 including postage thanks .
  12. That looks Scooby do like it

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