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  1. Hi Chris is your mail box full ? tried mailing you
  2. ballistol

    I have been using ballistol for ages, not really used for barrel cleaning but for case lubing and general cleaning and lubing works great, slippery as a slippery thing
  3. Hi for sale is my Larry Willis collet die , used for removing that bulge above the belt on the 300wm after its been fired several times, great bit of kit six months old now surplus to requirements due to sale of gun looking for £100 including postage thanks .
  4. That looks Scooby do like it
  5. 1/2 choke

    McAvoys have a good selection of used chokes on there site .
  6. Muzzle brake

    Pm replied
  7. Muzzle brake

    Has any one a sako trg muzzle brake they would like to part with .
  8. That sounds interesting have they any left .
  9. I have mine bottom mounted on my sabatti str 300wm no bounce it slides back as sweet as you like, it's the dogs danglie things love it .I all so use it on my 6.5x47 A5 Mc millan stock .
  10. Sabatti STR Rifle review

    Is this the MK1 or MK2 I haven't attempted to strip mine yet (MK1) .I am trying to find out if it would be possible to fit a larger capacity magazine to the gun AI style like the MK2.
  11. tikka t3

    Hi any more KRG Xray stocks for sale missed the last one .
  12. Hi for sale is my ASE compact 30cal 18x1 moderator its two years old but only been used half a dozen times, less than 100 rounds through, its been sat in my gun cabinet doing nothing, will come with green ASE moddy cover looking for £270 give me your email address for pics thanks .
  13. Sabatti STR

    Hi I have the early sabatti will the new magazine's fit mine thanks .

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