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  1. Vortex

    N140 vs N150 in creedmoor

    I’m using 35 of N150 with 139gr lapua. That’s not pushing it past max load. cant remember COAL to the ogive. Out of a 28 inch barrel I’m getting 2700fps. Thinking of switching to 160 though to get more out of it. im getting more than what Vit says it should be doing with 150 so hopefully 160 will do the same.
  2. Vortex

    Mod for my creedmoor

    I have a Tier one Mod. Great Mod, made of aliuminum. Not silly expensive works really well and Never really have a problem with heat haze.
  3. Vortex

    Reloading bench size / area

    Fitted my press to one of those fold down tables with a tool box for the rest of the gear on there as well. Fold the wing down when not in use so it sits closer into the wall.
  4. My remmy does the same. When I re barreled it to 6.5 creedmoor it was worse. I did use CCI 400 primers at first but got blown primers in hot weather with loads that were not too hot with n-150,. realised after that 400s are no good for the presures of a creedmoor and switched to 450 magnums. not as bad cratering now but still craters. Even factory ammo craters in my remmy.
  5. Vortex

    6.5CM 123 scenars & N140

    Also use N-150 with 123gr , figuring 140 would be a bit fast burning. tho I have moved onto 139gr with the same powder. (Better consistency in groups) Have noticed with both 123gr and 139gr I am getting higher MV than what Vit publish that it should be doing. Thinking about toying with N-160 as I’m in the same boat as you in that I could run my CM and 30-06 off the same powder.
  6. So it does. Was expecting that to be honest. Hopeing it wouldn’t work. Ah well bump stocks banned, not that they are much use for anything other than that.
  7. Yes it’s good to see some MPs listening. Even if some of the terminology is wrong. They still need to use the term firearm and not weapon when referring to our firearms. Weapons if used as such. Also further down the line as they look deeper into our reasoning they need to be given the correct information in regards to bump stocks as in they wouldn’t work on any UK legal firearm as I am aware. Don’t think they would work on a .22. Also the other dubious evidence they have been fed. They also need to be educated on other issues like any .50s that did get into the hands of the IRA were Illegal so why lump our legally held firearms in with the stats. We should also be told the source of the information from police and intelligence as to why they say the .50s/ rapid fire rifles are now more of a risk than before. How has this come about now, from what groups and how have they come to the conclusion that they will be going after these sorts of firearms from legal owners, when the preferred method is to import black market weapons. The fact that .50 are far more available in the US and Considering the numbers not one has been used in a terrorist attack shows how unlikely they are to be used. Also the fact they have admitted in parliament that the 97 handgun ban did nothing to curb crime carried out with illegal hand guns after the ban but also increased shows that a ban does nothing to help the situation. This alone should be enough to make the plans for a ban pointless from the view of public safety. Long shot here but if anything they should given the logic consider the return of our handguns back to section 1.
  8. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    Well I sent a lengthy email to local MP but I have sent two before so I would think it’s just fallen on deaf ears. Somone suggested contacting that MP that opposed upskirting as he opposes a lot of things that they are just trying to rubber stamp. Still don’t think that enough clubs are writing to the relevant people to help combat this ban.
  9. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    We should all put variations in for both firearms, there would be uproar. Might not change anything but hay it’s worth a try and it might get some mainstream news as get the subject talked about. Even on not shooting forums, non shooters are saying how absurd it is, even in reference to the banning of internet knife sales.
  10. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    What has he/she said
  11. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    Well then as long as you keep under 13,600 j then can’t you continue to use the .50. would it get .408 cheytec etc.
  12. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    I would think those same ranges could still be used for other calibre firearms. Ah well, have to see how far we can push .338 or will they ban those when they realise how far you can effectively use them.
  13. Vortex

    FCSA Update

    So basically they are using the same flawed logic applied to hand guns and look where that got us, more hand gun crime than before the ban. Just shows no matter how much impircal evidence you present them they will do as they please. I hope they start banning high power cars and strong alcohol at the same time, it’s as stupid as this ban but at least it would save more lives than this ban.
  14. Vortex

    OCD rant!

    We just can’t spell.
  15. Vortex

    Toyota hilux mk5

    Ye, no electrical problems with them apart from a bulb blown every now and then. have to start looking for a new truck, the land cruiser needs to go.

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