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  1. Praise for Northants FLO team

    I’m under GMP, they have had some serious backlogs but last time I got a variation I had it done and back within 7 days and that was over new year.
  2. I have written to my MP a few times but never had a response. Not even a generic get lost reply.
  3. Well I would hope that right up to a final decision and act of parliament passed the organisation that represent us will be fighting our corner tooth and nail and being open about it and letting us all know what is going on what is being said and what there responses are.
  4. Reloading with Rosie

    Well whoever’s in the videos will be getting a little more famous. Just seen the one with Stuart in on Face Book.
  5. Elcan CQB Mount

    Dam those proprietary mounts.....had the same with PVS 14 mounts on an M4. Change red dot.....???
  6. Elcan CQB Mount

    How’s about this one.
  7. Elcan CQB Mount

    https://www.gfpa.com.au/shield/shield-cqssis-mount-for-elcan-spectre is this what your looking for?
  8. Would highly recommend burn proof gear mod covers. Got one imported from the company based in the states. Custom fit for your mod, the one I went for is rated to full auto so no problem for over here. There really wasn’t any noticeable haze that effected my view after carrying out rapid fire and getting the mod hot enough to burn your skin, could hold it with the cover on tho. Vortex
  9. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    You don’t need to put in for variation for the change of barrel if you keep same chambering. But you would need another slot in that calibre if you wanted to keep the old barrel for what ever reason as it would class as another firearm.
  10. AT LAST

    Looks good that’s what i need to do when we move. Is it bad or is it just me who considers house choice on how well/ big a safe I can fit in there.
  11. Try the new tier 1 monolith......all aluminium. Not sure on weight but not heavy.
  12. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    True as long as it’s throwing consistent powder charges then it’s all good. Ye I’m going to try some more loads with the 139, got some good initial results with N-150 but going to try N-160 to get a bit more velocity. Using 123gr at the mo and works well out to 1000 but the 139gr has more constant small groups at 100 over the 123gr. Just need to find the right powder. Don’t want to use double base powder tho.
  13. Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    I’ve had a gen 6 for about 2 years or so now and it works great. Doesnt take too much room up. Keep it nice and steady on a concrete pad stone I pulled out of a building which also dubbles up for something to hit with the inertia hammer. Without the scales there of course.
  14. Gun Crime on the UP

    So does everyone think that suicide shouldn’t be included in the stats that are used to bolster gun crime stats, if they are that is.
  15. Gun Crime on the UP

    Just asked my solicitor and he says it’s not unless you assist with it. So shouldn’t be used with the criminal use of firearms.

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