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  1. Been using 123gr with N-150 in lapua brass and found it shows signs of pressure at the top end of the loads. Marks on the brass,I can’t go off the primer as it’s a Remmy 700 with a hole In the boltface the size of a dustbin. Thats out of a 28 inch barrel giving 2970fps and does well out to 1000 yards. Just tried some 139gr lapua with n-150 and no pressure signs and I’m .5gr over the max load. 36gr works really well, ragged one hole groups and seems more consistent than the 123gr at 100 yards. starting at 33gr with .5 increment gave really good groups. 36.5 just opened the groups up tho. Think my rifle likes these 139gr so might switch to these. Any way N-150 seems to do well with both the 123gr and 139gr Just got to watch the pressure signs with the lighter bullet.
  2. I bought one of these a little while back to fit to my AT stock. Now I don’t know if my AT is an older version but when I was fitting the monopod I ended up having to file off some of the metal of the internal skeleton frame. Only a small bit or the bolt was effectively to low to go through the internal frame and through the butt. Its the AICS chassis for the R.E.M. 700 I have but I wouldn’t have thought that would make a difference. Strange but it fits now so no big problem. finished the cut plastic bits with a heated up screwdriver to get rid of the saw marks and smoothe it out a little as well.
  3. Cheers Vince, be there Saturday.
  4. Sounds good, never shot Benchrest. Can I just use my normal setup. Bipod and back bag or monopod. vortex
  5. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    Then I will see you there and watch for the other person with seal skinz gloves on.
  6. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    Yes I also have those gloves and always take them to the range. Made by Seal Skinz make them. Try the socks as well you can stand in the bath in them and your feet will stay dry.
  7. 6.5 Creedmoor

    I’m using a 28 inch in 6.5 creedmoor tho I’m using 123gr running at 2970 ish FPS I could push it more but don’t need to and don’t want to push the barrel any more than I have to. Its great to 1000 with only 27.5 min of elevation and last time I shot about 5.5 mins windage at that range in a mild but unpredictable wind. going to try the heavier pills but I’ve got 750 123gr bullets to go through first.
  8. Still no reply after to emails to Debbie Abraham’s.
  9. Using a Sako TRG bipod on a Tikka T3X TAC A1?

    Do it they are a great bipod. The new spike feet work really well by the way. keep a good grip in the ground but don’t sink in under recoil.
  10. 6.5mm bullet options.

    123gr lapua are working well for me at the mo. Only used it out to 800 so far, 18 min elevation and they seem to handle the wind well enough. Getting about 2970 out of them with 39.6gr of n-150. Out of a 28 inch barrel. Going to push it out to 1000 on Sunday at diggle in the F open see how it does.
  11. Moderator cover - heat haze

    Just got one from Burn Proof Gear in the states and it is great. I have done some rapid fire and got the Can nice and hot and it’s kept the heat haze down really well even tho the material was a bit hot to hold. Well made and it’s rated for full auto fire so will definitely do the job for what we use over here.
  12. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    SAS.....Saussage Anhilation Squad
  13. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    Ye looked it up before it’s the L81A2 now. Sure it wasn’t the no8 firing .22 he was getting those results wither 1000. i once new a lad that told me he had to bail out of a glider. i said what height, 1000ft he said( hmmm alarm bells) then he told me it was birdstrike, a bloody parrot he said. (Walked away shaking head) true story that. Need to get one of those no8 before they scrap them all they were a good little .22
  14. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    At Bisley I am sure they still use the Parker Hale M85 or L89 as it was called not an AI. Sorry im taking crap, it was the L81 based off the M82 . Sure it was designated the L89 at one point.
  15. FCSA leading the way!

    Your right and I have also said things I wouldn’t normally say and apologise. yes this is an emotive subject and not enough seems to be done by those that represent us. Hopefully this law will not come to pass and maybe one day we will have fair and equal rights that are given to other sports.

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