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  1. Just interested in what others are doing, but yes, replies should be qualified with expected groupings
  2. As we all know, when it comes to reloading consistency is king. But what level of accuracy is good enough for you? How many decimal points are enough?! When it comes to weights and measures what +/- or % figures are you working to on your micrometer or scales for the variables? Bullet weight/batches? Primer pocket sizing? Case weight/batches? Case length? Powder weight? Overall length?
  3. I think I'd like to work up a load so would need more than a few sorry. Many thanks for the offer though 👍
  4. I'm thinking about trying some loads with 155gn bullets in the 308. Anyone have any spare they no longer need?Thanks
  5. After a lot of thinking I've decided to sell a load of gear, including my Sako Finnfire Varmint to fund our self build project. A great little rifle, hard to find and excellent build quality. The barrel is ~18" and threaded making this a very accurate well balanced rifle. I regularly shoot rabbits with subs at 80 - 100 yards without any trouble. The rifle will come with it's SAK moderator, thread protector and two 5 round magazines. A sizeable quantity of ammunition is also negotiable. SOLD I'm based near Nantwich but work throughout North and Mid Wales should you wish to meet up somewh
  6. I'm getting back into reloading after a period of absence and inaccuracy! However, I'm keeping it simple and cheap, so... Ideally I'm after one powder to serve both my .223Rem with 1:12 twist and .308Win with a 1:11 twist. Both rifles have 20" barrels and are only really for hunting purposes, with a small amount of range work out to 300yards. Therefore accuracy of 0.5" at 100 yards is perfectly acceptable! I'm thinking about using 55gn Gamekings in the .223Rem (for fox and small deer) and 150gn Gamekings in the .308Win (for deer) From what I have read, Varget and H322 (N140 and N13
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